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What We Can Do For You

Advantech’s Medical Equipment Builder (MEB) DMS group serves as a design partner for medical equipment customers. We provide integrated product development services, from product design to manufacturing and maintenance, and ensure certification compliance throughout the entire product lifecycle. Targeting next-generation medical and healthcare applications, we offer customization services to accelerate AI adoption in healthcare. In addition, through strategic change management, Advantech ensures stable production for lengthy product lifecycles.

Tailored Design & Manufacturing Services for Next-Generation Medical Applications
Precision Medicine
  • IVDs
  • DNA Analyzer
Clinical & Dental
  • Intraoral Scanner
  • Dental 3D CBCT
Surgical Robots
  • Surgical Devices
  • 3D Navigation
Key Advantages

SMART Lifecycle Management

Medical Quality Process Control

Innovative Technologies

Smart Lifecycle Management
  • 10+ years lifecycle management
  • Allied supplier control plan ensures material availability
  • Reduced recertification frequency
  • Optimized EOL inventory management increases capital efficiency

Medical Certifications

Advantech holds the most comprehensive ISO certifications in the IPC industry, which demonstrates our ability to manufacture products for diverse industries as well as our commitment to worldwide regulations and standards compliance. For the healthcare industry, we offer the following:

ISO 13485-certified factory and design processes ensure the transparency and traceability of medical products

Collaboration with customers to develop IEC60601-1-compliant medical electrical equipment

Product development, validation, and consultation services related to securing U.S. FDA approval

Featured Technologies

Sustainable Innovation and Coworking Model
Upon receiving an RFQ, Advantech’s MEB and sales teams work to understand the full scope of a customer’s business in order to develop innovative solutions. The MEB teams focus on planning and designing to achieve the required device functionality.
Heterogeneous system architecture (HSA) as MEB Service
HSA Benefits
Heterogeneous system architecture (HSA) is a cross-platform open architecture set that enables CPUs and graphics processors to be integrated on the same bus, with shared memory and tasks. The HSA structure can reduce communication latency between CPUs, GPUs, and other computing devices, making programming tasks more compatible. Advantech’s MEB team offers considerable benefits to develop unique infrastructure that can be leveraged for all medical equipment sectors.
HSA Demo Program
Advantech’s HSA demo program showcases multi-tasking and task integration between a Windows CPU and Linux GPU. This eliminates processing latency and optimizes video processing and streaming for medical imaging applications.
vFoRCE FPGA Integration
Advantech’s vFoRCE solution is a heterogeneous processing architecture built on the x86/RISC computing platform that supports modular configuration and programmable Xilinx FPGAs to deliver powerful real-time imaging with zero latency. The vFoRCE architecture not only reduces development and implementation time, but also supports flexible configuration according to specific application requirements.
vFoRCE Architecture
vFoRCE Evaluation Kit
The vFoRCE evaluation kit is a tool that can reduce development time and provide comprehensive integration to enable rapid performance evaluations and FPGA code updates. With the flexibility and modularization to accelerate development, the vFoRCE evaluation kit delivers a faster time to market as well as increased service ability.
Compact Ultra-Silent Server-Grade Box & Panel PCs
Experience high-quality diagnostic imaging and accelerated processing with modern appearance
Slim and Compact, with Elegant Appearance
This slim and ultra-compact solution is designed for use in outpatient medical clinics.
Ultra-Silent Design
Provides medical personnel with a comfortable, distraction free environment.
Comprehensive Offerings
Supports multiple platforms, and gives users a wide range of options.
Designed for Expandable Integration
  • Integrated Wi-Fi module
  • Transforms into a panel pc
  • Supports cast installation via a VESA mount

Application Stories

To find out more, please contact us and let us know how we can help.