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Digitalizing Smart Machinery with AI and Data Intelligence

Information availability, processing power, and AI inference are the driving forces that will propel machines to smart machines with data visualizations, automatic control, and AI inspection capabilities. They enable powerful product combinations that facilitate Machine to Intelligence (M2I) and Industrial AI solutions that achieve the goal of smart manufacturing.

Haga que las máquinas trabajen de forma más inteligente

Data Visualization and Analysis

Data Visualization and Analysis

Precision Improvement with AI

Precision Improvement with AI

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Real-Time Machine Management

Real-Time Machine Management

High Traceability

Gran Trazabilidad

Solution Highlight

Smart machines and equipment provide unprecedented access to data, greater connectivity, and robust security, which position you and your customers for greater success.

Success Stories

Semiconductor Handler Equipment

AGV Control System

Container Defect Inspection System

Test & Inspection Station

AI Robotics Controller

Conveyor Health Management

More Cases

Intelligent IPC System for Semiconductor Handler Equipment

The IC handler solution for precise motion control and processing was based on Advantech’s intelligent IPC solution, which met all system requirements such as flexible expansion and longevity, and excellent thermal performance.

Developing and implementing state-of-the-art AGV/AMR solutions

“As a result of our collaboration with Advantech, our AMR systems have increased productivity, reduced labor costs, and enhanced automation.We are very excited for our upcoming projects with Advantech and are looking forward to serving our customers the best way possible.”

Marek Pałka, AGV Section Manager, AIUT

Yogurt Container Maker Uses Visual Inspection System to Increase Quality Control

The Advantech vision inspection solution formed an integral part of the client’s ability to consistently deliver high quality yogurt products to market while minimizing total cost without compromising on quality.

Maintaining the Automotive Industry’s High-Quality Standards Using Smart Systems

The durability and 24/7 operation of the system minimized downtime in testing and visual inspection stations, which resulted in lowered equipment failure. Additionally, the transition to a greater reliance on Advantech products allowed it to implement global standards more effectively across its equipment infrastructure.

Industrial AI and Robotics Controller System in Waste Recycle Industry

By utilizing Advantech to create an automated AI solution to identify certain materials on the recycling line, the customer improved their entire process with more efficiency and accuracy. Additionally, with industrial-rated products, the end user did not need to worry about the solution functioning properly in harsh industrial environments.

Conveyor Health Management Innovation for Continuous Monitoring

The Advantech data acquisition solution used a DAQ module with signal conditioning and a compact computing platform that monitors the status of the linear motion guides and delivers machinery status to a remote database and control room in real-time. It has been adopted in more than 2,000 systems in all kinds of industry.

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Smart machines and equipment provide unprecedented access to data, greater connectivity, and robust security, which position you and your customers for greater success.

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