Why is maintenance always done after a problem occurs and usually when product or system is needed most? Is there a better solution which can preempt faults and extend the service period?

Here is a good answer with iCare Preventive Maintenance Services. We will assist you building tailored self-checkup system and real-time (remote) monitoring system; you are enabled to know product health status in a timely manner, pot faults and take preemptive actions early.

We will leverage Advantech's superior remote monitoring software SUSIAccess to help customers build their own (remote) monitoring system. With the software, customers will receive warning notice when abnormal is detected and be able to do remote configuration and recovery timely. iPlanet Care team can provide further installation, training, monitoring, maintenance, and repairing services if required by customers.

Benefits to you
  • Reduces downtime and loss
  • Optimize system performance and reliability
  • Better conservation of asset and increase its life expectancy
  • Better spares inventory management