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  • Whitepaper
  • SQRAM 2023 Selection Guide

    SQRAM 2023 Selection Guide
  • (ebook)Technical Insights eBook_Advantech Power Suite: Self-developed value-added software

    Advantech PowerSuite — an auxiliary development tool designed with both end users and customer service experiences in mind — is here to help. Advantech Power Suite comes free for customers buying Microsoft Windows OS from Advantech. In this ebook, we'll explain why you need this convenience tool and introduce each function.
  • SQFlash & SQRAM 2022 Q4 Selection Guide

    Click to learn more about the latest SQRAM offering.
  • DPX-S451 Product Feature Flyer

    DPX-S451 Product Feature Flyer
  • Flash Technology Migration and Product Selection Guide

    Advantech’s selection of industrial flash solutions with wide form factors are compatible with common embedded boards and system designs to enable greater flexibility for system integrators. Customers will benefit from SQFlash’s superior performance without replacing their preexisting motherboards and legacy equipment.
  • Migrating to Ubuntu LTS: Five Facts CentOS Users Should Consider

    As Red Hat Software ends support for CentOS, many users are still deciding which platform to migrate to. For many, this decision comes down to two factors: cost and support.
  • SQRAM DDR5, Next-generation DRAM solutions

    Innovative DDR5 technology supports greater process efficiency by delivering a two fold increase in speed and improved power management. DDR5 is considered a next generation solution, and will likely be ubiquitous by 2024.
  • SQRAM DDR5 Selection Guide

    Innovation of DDR5 bring the significant performance upgrade and improvement on power efficiency, with more reliable quality by advanced ECC function. This ebook will guide you how to select the suitable DDR5 solution.
  • Cybersecurity: An Enterprise Digital Transformation Blind Spot

    Advancements in 5G and AIoT technologies have made digital transformation a continuous, uninterrupted process. Governments and enterprises worldwide are strengthening their digital infrastructure in an effort to improve their digital governance abilities.
  • Protect Sensitive Computer and Telecom System Information with FIPS SSD

    The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of hybrid office working models, creating new information security concerns. FIPS 140-2 is a well know standard developed by the US government’s NIST. Nowadays, FIPS is increasingly adopted around the world. The ebook will show you the criteria of choosing a FIPS SSD.
  • A Guidebook to the BiCS5 3D TLC Product Selection

    Leveraging high-density structures for big data storage and transmission, BiCS5 is a 3D TLC NAND Flash technology capable of reaching high speeds of up to 7GB per second with PCIe Gen4 and 12GB per second with PCIe Gen5 storage solutions. This guide will share insights regarding BiCS5 Flash products and help you make smart buying decisions.
  • Embedded Linux: make or buy?

    The internet of things is a technology shift unprecedented in scale: 30 billion internet-connected things are predicted by 20251. Rapid progress in networking and communication technologies drive this shift, with new protocols like 5G, LORA, BT, NB-IoT, and ZigBee.
  • Defend Your Business against Ransomware and Cyberattacks

    The IoT ecosystem continues to expand in all occupations. Connecting devices to the Internet brings diversified business applications, such as asset performance management (APM) in automated production, supply chain management (SCM) in process manufacturing, and tracking management in the logistics.
  • Adaptive IoT Display Solution Empowers User-centric Experiences

    Parking lots present a core challenge to new mobility and smart city applications. Analogously, displays will play an important role in enhancing solution quality and customer satisfaction. Advantech’s intelligent display solutions will influence the design of future smart parking lots.
  • DeviceOn/Display Quick Guide

    The Advantech designed software utility, Device on/Display, can support remote display management, not only boost the display performance, but enable customization, and reduce workplace hazards.
  • Making Digital transformation Easier for Traditional Manufacturers

    Making Digital transformation Easier for Traditional Manufacturers
  • DeviceOn/SQ Manager Playbook

    Are you looking forward to a smarter way to monitor all your devices? Too difficult to select the most compatible industrial SSD & Memory solution? Here is a clear guidebook to understand how to enable the intelligent 24/7 monitoring and security management of SQFlash and SQRAM. DOWNLOAD to discover a better industrial SSD & Memory solution.
  • SQRAM Thermal Solution for Extreme Temperature Environments

    Memory temperature is usually going to be much higher than other components. Overheating memory may negatively affect system performance or even cause downtime. Therefore, it’s important to improve DRAM heat dissipation as well as to monitor its operating temperature to avoid overheating issues.
  • Complete Power Failure Protection for SQFlash

    Advantech SQFlash features complete power failure protection in all product SKUs, proper power failure protection mechanisms are implemented in different product series. This complete scheme combines four different functions – Power Failure Saver, Power Drop Catcher, Flush Manager, and Voltage Stabilizer.