Advantech's intelligent clinic check-in system terminals can be installed in every clinic room to accelerate the patient check-in process. Each terminal can be used to display the hospital department and doctor information, real-time OPD status, and patient waiting lists for that specific clinic room. Clinic room staff can use a desktop computer or mobile device to call the next patient in the queue. When patients are called into a clinic room, their name is displayed on a screen outside the room and an audio notification is broadcast. With the self-check-in service, the system helps to protect patient privacy.

Patients can self-identify and check-in for scheduled appointments by simply scanning their healthcare ID card with the terminal's smart card reader, thereby eliminating staff checking of patient IDs and saving time. Designed to support the provision of patient-centric services, Advantech's intelligent clinic check-in system streamlines outpatient services and improves care quality.