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Automation Controllers & I/O

Advantech’s programmable automation controllers (PAC) AMAX-5000 Series and APAX series are PC-based automation control platforms.

Product Categories

  • Control IPC: AMAX-5000 Series

    AMAX-5000 is an EtherCAT Slice I/O and controller platform designed with the smallest programmable automation controller (PAC) in the Core i class.

    • Control Platform

      The AMAX-5580 controller is equipped with standard PCIe and EtherCAT communication interfaces so that users can select communication and I/O modules.
    • EtherCAT I/O Modules

      The AMAX-5000 series offers EtherCAT Slice I/O Modules to meet customer requirements in various industrial environments.
    • PCIe Expansion Modules

      The AMAX-54XX series are expansion modules for AMAX-5580, targeted at increasing the communication capability of CPU modules.
  • CODESYS-Ready Edge Controller

    AMAX-600 series are PC-Based edge controllers powered by CODESYS, the software PLC control kernel with Industrial Ethernet for OT applications.

  • Control IPC : APAX-5000 Series

    Advantech PAC, APAX-5000 control IPC series is an industry first modular IPC, it is a PC-based machine control platform with comprehensive I/O modules, communication ports and control software for choice. It is also an automation control platform which provides an open development architecture with redundant, integrates control, information processing, and networking functilities in a single automation system. It is particularly designed for integrating.

    • Communication and Storage Expansion Modules

      The APAX Remote I/O series communication modules are designed for control markets because of their high density I/O points, flexibility, scalability, and hot-swappable functionality and also variety I/O selections. The APAX Remote I/O communication modules can support a variety of protocols, including PROFINET, CANOpen, Modbus/TCP and Ethernet/IP, users can build their APAX remote I/O system with specific protocols to fulfill the remote I/O needs of existing PLC market and any control markets.
    • Analog I/O Modules

      Advantech APAX-5000 analog input/output modules offer channel-independent configuration, signal type selection, and sensor wiring burn-out detection.
    • Digital I/O Modules

      APAX-5000 digital input/output modules are equipped with high density 24 channels, shirt short circuit protection, and hot swap functionality.
    • Backplane Modules

      APAX backplane modules are designed to connect APAX modules in a flexible and convenient way to support different remote control architectures.
    • Power Supply Modules

      Advantech’s APAX-5343 and APAX-5343E power supply modules with 72W output power have passed Energy Star compliance and provide a power transmission efficiency of over 88% from AC input to DC output, providing power for more APAX modules. They have also passed UL 508 certification, demonstrating that they are suitable for safe operation in industrial environments.
  • Modular I/O System: ADAM-5000 Series

    ADAM-5000 PC-based controllers, including the ADAM I/O series system, and ADAM-5560CE/KW Micro PAC, feature an Intel Atom D510 CPU along with control specific features such as watchdog timer, battery backup RAM and deterministic I/O. ADAM-5560KW PC-based controllers support 5 standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages in CE 5.0. With the optional HMI Software and built-in VGA port, this modular remote IO can avoid using additional SCADA PC’s in their applications.

    • I/O Rack

      ADAM-5000/485 & ADAM-5000E are centralized I/O systems which conform to RS-485. ADAM-5000L/TCP & ADAM-5000/TPC are both Ethernet-based I/O systems.
    • Communication Modules

      ADAM-5000 communication modules ADAM-5091 & ADAM-5095 are equipped with serial ports to enable easy expandability and bi-directional communications.
    • Analog I/O Modules

      ADAM-5000 AI/O modules offer different voltage and current ranges, thermal coupling and RTD that to fulfill various application needs.
    • Digital I/O Modules

      ADAM-5000 DI/O modules are equipped with high density channels, isolation, short circuit protection, failure protection and hot swap functionality.
    • Counter/Frequency Modules

      ADAM-5000 frequency and counter modules are all bi-directional, can be remotely configured to up / down, counter, frequency, and alarm setting modes.
    • Power Supplies Modules

      Advantech provides DIN-rail mounting PWR-242 and panel mounting PWR-243 switching power supplies for different installation environments.

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