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Class I, Division 2 Solution

Class I, Division 2 remote I/Os, such as CID1 monitors and CID2 solutions, have met the requirements of hazardous area computer such as explosion proof, oil field drilling, pump station monitoring, chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories, oil pipeline monitoring, tank storage monitoring, and fuel station management. Class 1, Div 2 remote I/O products include data acquisition modules, industrial Ethernet switches, serial device servers, industrial monitors and embedded automation computers

Product Categories

  • Data Acquisition Modules

    Advantech's data acquisition modules and Ethernet Remote I/O modules provide ideal industrial control and measurement solutions for harsh environments and demanding applications. With wide operating temperature ranges and multiple mounting methods, Advantech's ADAM series, such as RS-485-based and ethernet I/O, can be implemented in diverse applications.

  • Industrial Communication

    Advantech is a global leader in industrial communication, industrial Ethernet managed/unmanaged switches, data acquisition (DAQ), industrial computer and control products which are widely used in laboratory and industrial automation applications such as: monitoring, motion control, data acquisition (DAQ), and automated testing.

    • Wireless IoT Sensing

      Wireless IoT and IIoT sensor solutions make it easy to capture data from existing equipment to increase productivity while reducing downtime and cost.
    • Wireless Radio Modems and IO

      Advantech wireless radio modems and I/O are designed to fulfill customer requirements in industrial automation .
    • Ethernet Gateways

      Industrial Modbus Ethernet/serial gateways offers a convenient solution for controllers running the Modbus serial protocol to Modbus TCP networks.
    • USB Converters and Hubs

      The C1/D2 USB converters and hubs offer industrial features like high retention USB ports, DIN rail mounting, isolation, and wide temperature ranges.
    • Serial Converters and Repeaters

      With industrial-grade features and specifications, these serial products provide reliable data communication in the most demanding C1/D2 environments.
    • Industrial Ethernet switch

      C1D2 industrial Ethernet switches are energy-efficient, durable, and robust. Our switches are suitable for use in mission-critical environments.
    • Cellular Routers and Gateways

      Advantech routing technology allows users to establish connectivity between isolated networks, giving greater flexibility for building secure apps.
    • Ethernet/ Serial Device server

      Advantech's serial device servers, Modbus gateways, and USB device servers are easy to install and configure. They also support wired and wireless networking and provide various operation modes to satisfy your rigorous industrial automation needs. Our product line enables monitoring and controlling legacy serial devices via wired and wireless networks.
  • Industrial Panel PCs and Monitors

    The FPM-8151H is a particularly rugged and reliable 15" XGA wide temperature industrial monitor for a variety of industry applications. Equipped with a wide operating temperature range of -20 ~ 60oC (-4 ~140oF), it can satisfy the demands of a wide range of harsh industrial applications. This industrial monitor model also features an enhanced 5-wire resistive touch and system isolation to enhance the reliability.

  • Explosion-Proof Computer

    Advantech provides ruggedized gateways with C1D2, ATEX, and IECEx explosion-proof certification, making them suitable for harsh environments.