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AIM-75S Industrial-Grade Tablet Enables Efficient Facility Management Operations


Modern facility management is a complex operation involving multiple tasks and responsibilities, such as concierge services, entrance control, cleaning services, and site patrols. Nowadays, all commercial buildings and industrial estates require security measures in order to protect assets and reduce liability.

For manufacturing facilities, regular maintenance is required to avoid production downtimes and ensure worker safety. Although the recent adoption of IoT technologies and surveillance systems allows factory administrators to be notified as soon as issues occur, site patrols are still necessary for managing large-scale production sites. Moreover, ensuring facilities are in good condition is essential for maintaining a safe working environment.

During site patrols, security guards typically inspect specific areas according to patrol schedules and manually record findings on clipboards. This approach is not only time consuming and labor intensive, but also vulnerable to errors, discrepancies, and illegibility. Additionally, by the time the final analysis reports reach management, the opportunity for taking corrective action may be long gone.

Rugged tablet with GMS-certified Android ™ OS for high-performance computing

Advantech deployed industrial tablets at its office buildings and manufacturing sites to replace the use of clipboards for patrol inspections. These tablets allow the inspection results to be digitalized and seamlessly transmitted to the control center for real-time communication and optimized management. Unlike commercial tablets, industrial-grade tablets are designed to withstand rough operation in hazardous environments. As a leading supplier of industrial tablets, Advantech offers a wide range of industrial tablets for diverse applications; of which AIM-75S is the best solution for site inspections.

AIM-75S is an 8” industrial-grade tablet powered by a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660 processor and Android™ 10 operating system with Google Mobile Service (GMS) certification. With its high computing power and GMS support, AIM-75S facilitates rapid upgrades and secondary development to accommodate existing applications. To ensure reliable connectivity for mobile computing, the tablet is equipped with Wi-Fi roaming, LTE, and GIS communication technologies for quick switching between networks.

In regards to toughness and durability, AIM-75S features a rugged mechanical design withIP65-rated protection from water and dust, as well as 4-foot drop tolerance. The ruggedized case offers a further 5.8-foot drop tolerance, providing a reliable computing solution for patrol inspections and onsite services that involve difficult-to-reach or dangerous locations where tablets are at risk of being dropped. However, the tablet’s Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3touchscreen supports both a stylus pen and gloved navigation, allowing service personnel to operate the tablet while wearing protective gloves.

Furthermore, the AIM-75S tablet can be integrated with multiple peripherals, including a 1D/2D barcode scanner and/or UHF RFID scanner, to expand the system functionalities according to specific usage requirements. With support for wide-angle scanning, these peripherals enable rapid task completion regardless of environmental limitations. Finally, additional optional accessories such as multi-bay charging/docking stations and shoulder/handstraps ensure portability and ease of use in diverse scenarios.

Minimize errors and optimize record keeping for inspections and follow-up actions

Advantech’s inspection patrol solution supports three task-dispatch modes – manual task dispatch, automatic task dispatch, and routine task dispatch based on pre-scheduled maintenance plans. The system assigns tasks to the most suitable employee according to pre-determined strategies for improving operational efficiency. If a device mal function or abnormal event is identified, the system will send a notification to the manager or responsible person and, if available, provide supporting text and photographic evidence. The system also helps maintain electronic records of all events and equipment statuses. Furthermore, the service technician assigned the maintenance task is automatically provided with all the details in advance, saving them substantial time troubleshooting and identifying the issue.

With the AIM-75S tablet, security guards can simply scan a QR code or RFID card at a location to access the inspection sheet for that location. The inspection results can be input directly and submitted to the control center in real time, either alone or with accompanying text and photographs. This allows site managers to deal with issues promptly, schedule preventative maintenance, and maintain environmental safety for drastically improved management and operational efficiency. The electronic records also serve as a historical log for documenting inspection patrols and follow-up actions, and allow site supervisors to better manage personnel.

Moreover, the AIM-75S tablet can be integrated with Advantech’s DeviceOn/iServicedevice management software, which enables remote monitoring, troubleshooting, and batch updates for enhanced management and increased device utilization. DeviceOn/iService can also be used for asset tracking and locating to minimize equipment/property loss and facilitate more efficient day-to-day facility management operations.

Overall, Advantech’s patrol inspection solution helps to reduce errors related to human input while providing a convenient tool for documenting field operations and managing devices. In addition to manufacturing sites, the patrol inspection solution can also be deployed in public spaces and public transportation facilities for more efficient manage mentthat improves operational safety and productivity.