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Childbirth Allowance Renewal and Advantech Employee Benefits


Since September 26, 2022, the childbirth allowance in Advantech has been increased from NT$3,600 to NT$10,000 per child!   

Advantech prioritize the well-being of employees and their families, recognizing that life extends beyond work. Therefore, we provide a range of benefits, including marriage, maternity, hospital, and bereavement condolence allowances, emergency relief funds, festival and holiday benefits (Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, birthdays) and so on.   

For marriage and childbirth, we offer allowances that exceed legal requirements, and all Advantech employees are eligible to apply. Employees must submit a wedding invitation or marriage certificate, including same-sex marriages, to apply for the marriage allowance. Each person will receive a subsidy of NT$10,000. For the childbirth allowance, employees need to submit a birth certificate. Since September 26, 2022, the childbirth allowance has been increased from NT$3,600 to NT$10,000 per child.   For other employee family supports including parental leave and family care leave, please see below: 

 (A) Health Care

Advantech provides colleagues with annual free health checks (exceeding regulatory requirements by providing extraordinary checks such as fecal occult blood, cancer screenings, etc.). Employees family members can also join with the discounted prize of NT$1,000. And whenever our employees have mental, health, legal, or financial difficulties or other intractable conditions, colleagues can seek a consultation provided by EAP Program to obtain assistance and care for the health of their "hearts."

(B) Work Conditions

1.Female employees face the dual responsibility of work and family care under some circumstances, which puts them under considerable pressure. To help female employees balance the demands of family care and work within the social system, Advantech strongly supports employees in applying for family care leave and remote work options to accommodate new work models during the pandemic.

2.Please refer to the Advantech 2022 sustainability report (page 145) to see the coverage of "Work from anywhere" in 2022: Taiwan (76.31%), Europe (55.19%), and America (14%). Regarding paid family or care leave beyond parental leave, you can check the proportion of female employees applying for family care leave (%): Taiwan (15.95%), Europe (3.87%), and America (3%).

3.IDL Employees in Advantech are supported with flexible working hours policy, the flexible time section is 08:30-09:00 / 17:30-18:00. Since employees may arrange “where the work is being done” through WFH policy, by the support of flexible working hours, employees can also arrange “when the work is being done”.

4.As for Part-time working positions can be fulfilled through contract employment.

(C) Paid family or care leave beyond parental leave

Due to the pandemic, employees require more support in family care, such as vaccination, COVID-confirmed cases of family members, and so on. Therefore, the percentage of Family Care Leave applications grow rapidly during 2022.

(D) Paid parental leave

1.For the primary caregiver: Advantech offers primary caregivers 7 days of Prenatal Checkup plus 8 weeks of Maternity leave. 

2.For the non-primary caregiver: Advantech offers non-primary caregivers 7 days of Paternity leave.