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Advantech Intelligent Edge Computers

Edge computing use-cases are highly diverse. There is great demand for technology ecosystems as well as integration with existing technology. Advantech’s ARK intelligent edge computers provide the best solutions for your AIoT applications — such as factory automation, self-service kiosks, and computer vision. Our solutions highlight these features:

Advantech Intelligent Edge Computers
Reliable Wireless Connectivity
AI Vision Capabilities
Versatile I/O & Flexible Expansion
Versatile I/O & Flexible Expansion

Versatile I/O & Flexible Expansion

  • High-speed 2.5GbE/10GbE and PCIe Gen4
  • Supports TSN, CANbus, and NVMe interfaces
  • Application feature extensions with iDoor modules
AI Vision Capabilities

AI Vision Capabilities

  • Supports NVIDIA GPU cards up to 350W
  • Supports Intel® Movidius™ VPUs
  • Dedicated GPU thermal kits
Reliable Wireless Connectivity

Reliable Wireless Connectivity

  • 5G/LTE, WiFi 6E modules
  • RF-certified for selected models
  • Design-in consulting services

IoT Device Management

  • 24/7 device monitoring
  • Real-time abnormal alerts
  • Data analytics and visualization

Effective Equipment Management

  • Supports 450+ PLC drivers and SECS/ GEM converters
  • Real-time equipment monitoring
  • Re-action rule engine
IT/OT Security

Edge-to-Cloud Security

  • Data and system security
  • OTA updates and secure boot
  • Threat detection and recovery

Features & Technology Highlight

BMC / IPMI: Remote Management for Unmanned Applications

Equipped with a BMC (Baseboard Management Controller), our high-performance edge computers feature IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) 2.0 for centralized server management. IPMI allows remote system monitoring, management, and troubleshooting via a web UI. The BMC operates independently of the operating system (OS), giving users control over the system even if the OS crashes. This helps lower both maintenance costs and system downtime.

IPMI allows remote management in three scenarios:

  • Before an OS has booted
  • When the system is powered down
  • After an OS or system failure
TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking )
TSN Support: Enabling Real-time Communication

Our DIN-rail edge computers support real-time communication through Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) technology, helping customers fulfill the needs of time-synchronized applications and IT/OT integration and accelerate intelligent manufacturing.

Managed by the IEEE 802.1 standards committee, TSN sets out to solve the network compatibility problem, allowing deterministic communication over standard Ethernet networks. It will also enable convergence of IT and OT by making it possible to manage non-time-critical data and time-critical operational data on the same network without compromising quality of service.

5G Integration
5G Integration: High Speed and Low Latency for AIoT Applications

5G technology enhances capabilities including data transfer rates, capacity, device latency and energy consumption. Advantech’s latest edge computers support the AIW optional thermal kit, providing massive bandwidth catering to data-intensive applications such as Smart Cities and Industry 4.0.

Compared to 4G peak speed of 1 Gbps, 5G can provide 10x faster throughput, up to 10 Gbps while lag time will drop to <1 ms compared to 4G lag time 10~20 ms. 5G can connect up to 1M devices per square km, increased 100x over 4G capacity.

BIOS Top Swap Recovery
BIOS Top Swap Recovery Technology

Updating BIOS is critical as newer BIOS versions can identify new hardware, provide new features, fix problems and most importantly of all, bring enhanced security. Many users are concerned about system boot failure after a faulty BIOS update, which could lead to higher costs and time spent in system recovery.

Advantech BIOS Top Swap Recovery technology aims to solve for such unexpected situations within the BIOS update process. With this technology, users can still boot normally the next time they boot up and ensure the integrity of the data in the SEC and PEI stages. Therefore, a CPU can correctly execute code inside the BIOS when booting, lowering the risk of a faulty BIOS update.

  • BMC / IPMI
  • TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking )
  • 5G Integration
  • BIOS Top Swap Recovery

Versatility for AIoT Applications

AI Vision Systems

The series delivers high-performance computing power, and supports up to four PCIe/PCI slots that support GPU, data acquisition, and communication cards for multi-function and AI vision computing.

DIN-Rail Automation Systems

The compact DIN-rail systems feature essential I/O ports on the front bezel and wide-range voltage input. These systems are preferred for automation and in-cabinet equipment integration.

Secured IoT Gateways

The palm-sized fanless computer series provides scalable I/O expansion kits for target machines and sensing devices. It also supports various wireless connectivity interfaces and is integrated with multi-level security.

Embedded Kiosk Systems

The fanless computers have a ruggedized compact design ideal for harsh, confined environments and are equipped with versatile I/Os capable of connecting up to 24 devices such as displays, barcode scanners, etc.

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Advantech’s ARK intelligent edge computers provide software and hardware integrated solutions that empower diverse AIoT applications. Download our brochure to find our more.

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