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Human Machine Interfaces

Advantech HMI series contains high-performance Touch Panel PCs, low-power industrial thin clients, and web terminals for smart factory applications.

Product Categories

  • Control Panel

    Control panels are high-performance industrial PCs, serving as PC-based automation control platforms supporting fieldbus and process visualization.

  • Web-Browser Terminal

    Advantech web-browser terminal can be served as web terminals, featuring data visualization and fieldbus support that operates in wide temperatures.

  • Industrial Thin Client

    Industrial thin client modules are fanless and low-power and mainly used as a process visualization tool and MES system.

  • Modular series

    Conventional HMI lacks the flexibility of field requirements. To solve this, Advantech created series of computing box modules and display modules.

    • Pre-Configured System

      Advantech Pre-Configured Systems include computing box and display modules that allow users to fulfill diverse application demands.
    • Configurable System

      Advantech Modular HMI allows the computing box module to be interchangeably combined with the different sizes display modules for specific application
  • Operator Panels

    Advantech WOP-200K operator panels feature RISC processors and WebAccess/HMI and support over 500 PLC industrial communication protocols.

    • HMI

      HMI's series contains PLCs, operator panels, and touch panel computers that come in various sizes, especially for size-sensitive factory environments.
    • WebAccess/HMI Designer/ Runtime

      WebAccess/HMI software is powerful enough to create total solutions for all the HMI products and HMI applications, including TPC/ WebOP/ UNO series.
  • Domain Focused HMI

    Advantech domain-focused customizable HMI systems have all around IP protection and standalone design which can operate in harsh environments.

    • Basic HMI

      The SPC-200 series are fully encapsulated in IP66-rated housing with M12 connectors for protection from water and dust and support for VESA mounting,
    • Stainless Steel HMI

      SPC-500 systems feature a stainless steel enclosure with IP69k and DIN EN 1672-2 standards for operation in environments with strict standards.
    • Button-integrated HMI

      Innoviative HMI SPC-800 integrated control button, arm mount, and emergency stop function delivers intuitive operation and effortless control.
  • Industrial Monitors

    Advantech industrial monitors integrate the latest LCD and touchscreen technology to facilitate data visualization used for industrial applications

    • General-purpose

      Advantech industrial monitors feature a range of sizes (from 6.5” to 21.5”), multi-touch, and capacitive touchscreen to support diverse applications.
    • Featured

      With the provision of easy-access front-facing USB ports, the FPM-5000 series industrial monitors enable convenient data collection.
    • Rugged

      Advantech industrial monitors are built to withstand operation in industrial environments, extreme temperatures, and exposure to corrosive substances
    • Domain-focused

      The domain-focused monitors feature industry-specific design features, such as stainless steel for food & beverage and pharmaceutical applications.
    • Semi-industrial

      The semi-industrial grade monitor provides a capacitive touchscreen, multi-touch, and widescreen ratio. It is suitable to be placed everywhere.

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