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Embedded Automation Computers

Advantech’s UNO series of embedded automation computers provides rugged design with maximum flexibility, enabling reliable edge computing solutions.

M2I Control Edge

Advantech’s latest UNO-100/300 series of Embedded Edge Controllers are designed to deliver high-performance computing and maximum flexibility. With support of the latest range of expansion interfaces, including PCIe for high density I/O, iDoor for fieldbus modules, and PCI for motion cards, Advantech provides a reliable Machine-to-Intelligence Control Edge solution to bridge the gap between OT and IT.

IoT Gateway Edge

Advantech's WISE-7 and UNO-2 series are the bridge for data from edge devices to the cloud and play a central role in IoT Edge Gateway applications. Thanks to their digital and analog I/O, this series offers the capability of fast connectivity to edge devices. All collected data can be delivered to the cloud by Giga LAN and high speed RF technologies. With UNO-2 series installed, your system will benefit from video output features that will allow you to visualize information on a dashboard and monitor.

Industrial Computing Edge

Advantech’s IoT automation gateways offer flexible and expandable features based on new modular designs. Integrated with iDoor expandability and stackable modular design, the UNO-2000 is adapted for different kinds of embedded automation applications. The units can be easily integrated with Advantech WISE-PaaS software which helps bridge the gap between IT and OT. UNO-2000 is suitable for individual design requirements that enable flexible and manageable configurations.

Domain Specific Edge

Advantech’s UNO-400 offers domain-focused edge gateways which satisfy diverse industry requirements. For smart infrastructure and industrial manufacturing, UNO-420 PoE-powered Sensing Gateway ensures less cabling and easy installation in awkward or remote locations that may be difficult to reach with a power cable. UNO-410 supports C1D2+IEC ATEX (opentype) certification and wide temperature ranges from -40~70°C, which are perfect for control cabinet usage. The new UNO-430 IP66 ruggedized outdoor gateways support C1D2 + ATEX (standalone) certification which are suitable for outdoor usage with waterproof and dustproof features along with -40~70°C wide temperature range support.

Product Categories

  • Din-Rail Control IPC

    The Din-Rail edge controller, UNO-1 series, is designed to provide rapid configurable design for edge computing and machine intelligence applications.

  • Compact Embedded Box PC

    UNO-2000 box pc series serves as IoT automation gateways, offering flexible configurations with iDoor expandability and stackable modular design.

  • Expandable Automation Computer

    UNO-3 series are high-performance edge controllers that can be integrated with expansion cards for enhanced functionality in automation applications.

  • Industrial IoT Edge Gateway

    Advantech IoT Edge Gateways help bridge data from edge devices to cloud, acting as protocol converters, data collectors, or data loggers.

  • Explosion-Proof Computer

    Advantech provides ruggedized gateways with C1D2, ATEX, and IECEx explosion-proof certification, making them suitable for harsh environments.

  • Advantech iDoor Module

    Advantech iDoor Module utilizes mini PCIe format to provide flexible I/O expansion, including fieldbus protocol, communication and memory functions.

    • Industrial Fieldbus

      Industrial fieldbus iDoor series modules support: CANopen, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, and POWERLINK in automation applications.
    • I/O & Peripheral

      I/O & Peripheral iDoor series enables customized expansion for multiple applications, including storage with MRAM and TPM, display, and peripherals.
    • Wireless Communication

      Wireless Communication iDoor series focuses on WiFi/Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS and 4G/LTE solutions for data exchange in IOT applications.

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