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Advantech is a key provider in the CompactPCI and VPX market for mission critical applications in the railway, semiconductor, and healthcare markets.

Product Categories

  • 6U CompactPCI

    Advantech offer 6U CompactPCI CPU boards, rear transition modules, peripheral boards, and support for PMC or XMC module.

    • CPU Boards

      Advantech CPCI series provides high-performance 6U CPU blades based on Intel processors for data computing, and acceleration offload for storage.
    • Carrier Boards

      Advantech provides a complete product line of 6U CPCI carrier boards for PCI Mezzanine Cards (PMC) modules and extension modules for CPCI blades.
    • Rear Transition Boards

      Advantech provides a complete suite of CPCI rear transition modules with rich I/O interfaces and ports.
    • Other Peripherals

      Advantech offers relevant peripherals for fiber and copper Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and alert modules for CompactPCI® and VPX products.
  • 6U VPX

    Advantech 6U VPX CPU blades are OpenVPX-complaint and provide high speed, low latency and scalable interconnectivity with flexible developer tools.

  • 3U CompactPCI

    Advantech offers one-stop services for 3U CompactPCI solutions including CPU boards, I/O boards, system integration and customization services.

    • CPU Boards

      Advantech 3U CPCI boards are Intel based CPU blades that support single or dual processors that fully utilize I/O features of Intel® chipsets.
    • Peripheral Boards

      Advantech CPCI solution includes GPU, Ethernet, storage blades, and AC/DC power modules that comply with industry standards for broad compatibility.
  • 3U VPX

    Advantech 3U VPX CPU blades are OpenVPX-complaint and provide high speed, low latency, and scalable interconnectivity with flexible developer tools.

  • 3U CompactPCI-Serial

    Advantech offers 3U CPCI-Serial CPU blades, I/O blades and AC/DC power modules to build up solutions in railway, semiconductor, healthcare markets.

  • CompactPCI Enclosures

    Advantech offers 3U/4U height CompactPCI enclosures such as a 3U 19’’ chassis with smart FAN, and 4U height chassis for 6U CompactPCI boards.

    • for 6U CompactPCI

      Advantech 6U CompactPCI chassis are 4U enclosures hosting up to 8 slots, hot-swappable CPCI redundant power supplies, and hot-swappable fan modules.
    • for 3U CompactPCI

      Advantech offers 3U or 4U height enclosures for 3U CPCI boards, with fan or fanless, and with CPCI legacy backplane or CPCI plusIO backplane.
    • 3U CompactPCI-Serial

      Advantech offers 3U/4U height enclosures for 3U CPCI-serial plug-in-module with optimized thermal solution to fulfill vertical marketing requirements.

Featured Highlights

  • The World's No.1 Industrial Edge Computers

    The World's No.1 Industrial Edge Computers

    Advantech is a leading provider of industrial PCs, offering diverse edge computers with high performance and rugged design. With almost 40-year experience in the global IPC market, Advantech has diverse reliable technologies and solutions for implementing edge computing, IoT and AIoT, that can provide customers with application-oriented products.