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Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

  • Product Versions:Windows 10 IoT Core/ Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
  • Universal Windows apps (UAP)
  • Consistent Device Management
  • Enterprise Grade Security
  • Advanced Lockdown
  • Interoperability across Devices
  • Microsoft Azure IoT Services
Windows 10 IoT is family of windows 10 editions targeted towards a wide range of intelligent devices, from small industrial gateways to larger, more complex devices like point of sales terminals and ATMs. Combined with the latest Microsfot development tools and Azure IoT services, partners can gether, store and process data, creating actionable business intelligence that affects business outcomes. Partners building soltuion based on Windows 10 IoT will realized expanded opportunities when ehy harness the full breadth of Microsfot technologies to offer end to end soltuions.

Product Specifications (18) Download Spec

Embedded OS
  • Activation Key
  • Version
  • Pricing model
  • Product
Operating System
  • Microsoft Windows

Embedded OS

  • Activation Key

    968TW19HL0 PKEA
    968TW19HLE EPKEA
    968TW19VL0 PKEA
    968TW19VLE EPKEA
    968TW16HL0 PKEA
    968TW16EC0 PKEA
    968TW16ECE EPKEA
    968TW16HLE EPKEA
    968TW16EL0 PKEA
    968TW16ELE EPKEA
    968TW16HC0 PKEA
    968TW16HCE EPKEA
    968TW16VC0 PKEA
    968TW16VCE EPKEA
    968TW16VL0 PKEA
    968TW16VLE EPKEA
    968TW19EL0 PKEA
    968TW19ELE EPKEA
  • Version

    968TW19HL0 -
    968TW19HLE -
    968TW19VL0 Value
    968TW19VLE -
    968TW16HL0 High End
    968TW16EC0 Entry
    968TW16ECE Entry
    968TW16HLE High End
    968TW16EL0 Entry
    968TW16ELE Entry
    968TW16HC0 High End
    968TW16HCE High End
    968TW16VC0 Value
    968TW16VCE Value
    968TW16VL0 Value
    968TW16VLE Value
    968TW19EL0 -
    968TW19ELE -
  • Pricing model

    968TW19HL0 -
    968TW19HLE -
    968TW19VL0 2019 LTSC
    968TW19VLE -
    968TW16HL0 2016 LTSB
    968TW16EC0 CBB
    968TW16ECE CBB
    968TW16HLE 2016 LTSB
    968TW16EL0 2016 LTSB
    968TW16ELE 2016 LTSB
    968TW16HC0 CBB
    968TW16HCE CBB
    968TW16VC0 CBB
    968TW16VCE CBB
    968TW16VL0 2016 LTSB
    968TW16VLE 2016 LTSB
    968TW19EL0 -
    968TW19ELE -
  • Product

    968TW19HL0 -
    968TW19HLE -
    968TW19VL0 Win 10 IoT Enterprise
    968TW19VLE -
    968TW16HL0 Win 10 IoT Enterprise
    968TW16EC0 Win 10 IoT Enterprise
    968TW16ECE Win 10 IoT Enterprise
    968TW16HLE Win 10 IoT Enterprise
    968TW16EL0 Win 10 IoT Enterprise
    968TW16ELE Win 10 IoT Enterprise
    968TW16HC0 Win 10 IoT Enterprise
    968TW16HCE Win 10 IoT Enterprise
    968TW16VC0 Win 10 IoT Enterprise
    968TW16VCE Win 10 IoT Enterprise
    968TW16VL0 Win 10 IoT Enterprise
    968TW16VLE Win 10 IoT Enterprise
    968TW19EL0 -
    968TW19ELE -

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows

    968TW19HL0 -
    968TW19HLE -
    968TW19VL0 Yes
    968TW19VLE -
    968TW16HL0 Yes
    968TW16EC0 Yes
    968TW16ECE Yes
    968TW16HLE Yes
    968TW16EL0 Yes
    968TW16ELE Yes
    968TW16HC0 Yes
    968TW16HCE Yes
    968TW16VC0 Yes
    968TW16VCE Yes
    968TW16VL0 Yes
    968TW16VLE Yes
    968TW19EL0 -
    968TW19ELE -

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