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Memory Solution for Highway Toll Stations


Project Introduction

An SI in Morocco needed a memory solution for highway toll stations. Indeed, they needed to upgrade to faster DRAM solutions with larger capacity and better reliability to ensure efficient collection. After the upgrade, the machines at the station were able to process data faster. This resulted in reduced waiting times and improved efficiency.

Problem Statement 

Tolling machines operate outdoors in environments with heavy of vibration. They need to be reliable and vibration resistant, and to provide excellent longevity. In sum, they needed to endure daily use on the side of busy highways.   Advantech’s SQRAM solution with 30µ” chamfer edge gold finger solution enhances the vibration resistance and durability of memory modules. Gold finger connectors provide a reliable, high-speed interface between the DRAM modules and machines. The connector interface is more reliable and can withstand the harsh conditions presented by industrial applications.   All SQRAM devices use fixed die ICs to ensure quality and compatibility. They also guarantee 3-years of longevity and a limited lifetime warranty.

Project Description

The SQRAM solutions in this case were tested in diverse traffic conditions to ensure performance and reliability. In the end, the machines with upgraded DRAM modules processed transactions faster with lower error rates, while demonstrating improved stability in heavy traffic conditions.

System Diagram

Project Specification

  • Specification: SQR-UD4N32G3K2SNAB (UDIMM DDR4 3200 32GB 0-85 °C) 
  • Model Name: SQR-UD4N •      Industrial-grade IC with high-quality Samsung original IC & fixed die
  • 100% reliability burn-in and vibration testing program 
  • Anti-Sulfuration provide protection when used in harsh environments


The SQRAM solutions used in this cased helped the customer create applications easier. Indeed the SQRAM memory solution provided by our team helped create a secure and reliable final solution. 

Why Advantech?

  1. 30μ” Chamfer edge gold fingers 
  2. 3 years longevity fixed die
  3. Limited lifetime warranty
  4. Compatibility with AIMB-706 motherboards