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Multiple Temperature Support SATA & NVMe SSDs for EV Charger


Project Introduction

The widening adoption of EV, BEV, and HEV are increasing demands for charging stations at garages or in outdoor public parking lots. These charging stations need storage solutions that support efficient and reliable operation at a wide range of operating temperatures. The Advantech SQFlash 650 SATA and 720 NVMe SSD solutions are excellent choices for such applications.

Project Requirements

Electric vehicles often have a limited charge capacity that runs out after several hours of driving. Fast, effective, and stable charging services are necessary for their successful operation. This makes system storage solutions capable of enduring wide operating temperatures and outdoor operation crucial.

  • SSDs need to function stably in diverse environments
  • They need to endure constant, daily use for years on end

Project Description

The Advantech SQFlash 650 SATA and 720 NVMe SSDs is an excellent solution for such applications. These SSD use KIOXIA’s BiCS 3D NAND Flash technology and support up to 2 TB per drive capacity at different temperature ranges (between -40 - 85 °C). Whether applied in private garages or outdoor parking lots, EV charging stations must be capable enduring different environments. Advantech SQFlash 650 SATA and 720 NVMe SSDs are capable of robust operation in such situations.   The SQFlash 650 SATA and 720 NVMe SSD with a sTLC comprises a high-endurance product selection with an up to 50k program erase cycle that supports reliable 24/7 operation over long periods of time. SQFlash 650 SATA, and 720 NVMe sTLC SSD are used in parking lot or EV charging stations with high turnover rates.

System Diagram

Product Specifications

  • SQFlash 650 SATA and 720 NVMe SSDs up to 2TB (0 - 70 °C / -20 - 85 °C /-40 - 85 °C)
  • Model Name: SQF 650 and SQF 720 
  • 100% burn in test at production line before shipment
  • SQFlash stress test for 24-hr high-low burn-in test with 100% full loading criteria; and low temperature boot up test with 1000cycles


  • Selection of multiple temperature ranges: 0 - 70 °C / -20 - 85 °C / -40 - 85 °C
  • High-endurance sTLC product selection provides up to 50k P/E cycle endurance
  • AES-256 and TCG-OPAL compliant and with comprehensive security functions including hardware jumper triggered write protection and erase functions. 
  • Multiple software tool support : SQFlash manager, SQErase and so on

Highlighted Features

  • Reliable product quality
  • 3-years longevity and a stable supply
  • Customization services
  • Prompt and professional technical team support