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SQFlash Ultra-Speed Rugged NVMe PCIe Gen4 SSD for 5G Edge Computing in Data Logging Applications


Project Introduction

5G edge servers used in Data Logging applications must provide low-latency, high-bandwidth computing resources at the network edge. This enables faster and more efficient data processing. These resources are particularly useful in surveillance, in-vehicle, and aviation applications.

Project Requirements

The demand for mission-critical data loggers is driven by the need for reliable and accurate data collection in extreme environments with high-stress conditions. The use of storage servers or Network Attached Storage (NAS) enables secure and efficient storage and retrieval of mission-critical data — including maps, images, and video footage. NAS for mission-critical data also enable real-time data processing and analysis to empower situational awareness, intelligence gathering, and decision-making. 

Project Description

ER-1 SQFlash NVMe PCIe Gen4 SSD is designed for high-speed, low-latency data transmission and processes. ER-1 adopts KIOXIA’s BiCS 3D NAND Flash technology, supports read and write performance up to 7,100 and 6,700 MB/s, and a capacity of up to 15.3 TB per drive. In addition, it comes with advanced thermal management, security technologies and management software. 

 M.2 2280 and U.2 ER-1 leverage Advantech industrial heat sinks along with robust firmware thermal throttling mechanism. These heatsinks feature an innovative design capable of reducing internal temperatures by up to 30 °C. To maximize heat dissipation, these heatsinks are used in conjunction with thermal grease. This provides outstanding mechanical flexibility and reduces the risk of physical damage caused by abrupt temperature changes. The ER-1 has undergone rigorous thermal testing and features reliable thermal throttling mechanisms that enable the SSDs to stably collect data even when used in extreme temperature environments and/or under high-stress conditions. 

 In the application, Advantech SQFlash ER-1 NVMe SSD is used as an SED drive. It is compliant with TCG-OPAL 2.0 and supports AES-256 encryption. Likewise, it comes with diverse security erase functions powered with SQErase tool. Advantech also provides the SQFlash Manager software tool. This tool is capable of monitoring SSD health in real-time and predicting the SSD lifetime. Advantech also integrates SSD information using DeviceOn/SQ Manager cloud platform for remote monitoring and management. DeviceOn/SQ Manager can also be used to set thresholds for the system alarm and/or adjusted workloads.

System Diagram

Product Specifications

  • SQFlash ER-1 DWPD 1 / DWPD 3 NVMe SSD up to 15.3TB / 6.4TB (0 - 70 °C/  -40 - 85 °C) 
  • Model Name: SQF-CU2 ER-1 and SQF-C8M ER-1 
  • 100% burn in test at the production line before shipment 
  • SQFlash stress test for 24-hr high-low burn-in test with 100% full loading criteria; and low temperature boot up test with 1000cycles