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Mitigating Cyber Risks in OT Networks, Buildings, and Critical Infrastructure


Operational technology (OT), buildings, and critical infrastructure are becoming smarter and more efficient with connected systems, controls, sensors, and more. However, cybersecurity risks to OT infrastructure are increasing as OT devices become more integrated with IT environments and capabilities.

Both OT and IT technologies have existed for decades, but only in recent years have the two been brought together to drive efficiencies and controls in new areas. The combination of the two has increased the cyberattack surface.

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  • Why attacks on OT networks are increasing
  • Unique OT network security challenges
  • A new solution from Advantech and Veridify Security for device-level cybersecurity, DOME
  • Functions of DOME and how it stops cyber attacks

*Content created by Automation World and based on an Advantech-sponsored webinar