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Advantech Unveils Innovative ePaper for Enhanced Smart Transportation and Building Signage-Reinforcing ESG Values


April29, 2024 — Advantech, a global leader in innovative technology solutions, proudly introduces the EPM-880, a groundbreaking large-format ePaper solution set to revolutionize multiple industries, from public transportation to outdoor signage and advertising. Featuring Advantech DeviceOn/ePaper and a vibrant 31.2-inch 16-bit grayscale E Ink® Monochrome ePaper display module, the EPM-880 offers an unparalleled viewing experience, bridging the gap between traditional signage and modern digital displays.

Seamless integration for tailored solutions and enhanced durability

Advantech emphasizes effortless integration, allowing customers to seamlessly incorporate ePaper into their systems and machines. By prioritizing aesthetic design and device reliability, Advantech empowers customers to customize systems with reliable and flexible electronic paper, ensuring seamless connectivity and usability.

Enhanced durability and visibility with adjustable outdoor anti-UV anti-reflective features 

In addition to its main features, the EPM-880 comes equipped with multi-adjustable outdoor anti-UV and anti-reflective technology. This ensures exceptional durability and visibility in outdoor settings. This advanced feature enhances the display's resistance to UV radiation, preventing discoloration and degradation over time. Furthermore, the anti-reflective properties minimize glare and reflection, optimizing visibility even in bright sunlight and improving readability from various viewing angles. With these enhancements, the EPM-880 delivers reliable performance and clear visibility, making it an ideal solution for outdoor signage and information displays in smart city environments.

Efficiency, sustainability, and streamlined deployment for tomorrow's cities 

With its minimal power consumption when changing displayed content, the EPM-880 contributes to a more sustainable future, making it ideal for advertising signage and public information displays. Advantech enhances efficiency by offering a universal installation package with centralized management (DeviceOn) for all ePaper display sizes. This package includes sample driver code for easy startup and features like partial update functions and automatic group data transmission, ensuring efficient management and deployment across various applications.

Highlighted Features: 

31.2" ePaper panel display: 16-level grayscale for outdoor displays

  • Supports operating temperatures from 0 to 50°C (16-level grayscale)
  • Supports wide operating temperature range from -15 to 65°C (1-bit color)
  • Supports ultra-wide viewing angles

Ultra-low power consumption Quick and Flexible Installation with Open Frame Design

  • The open frame design accelerates the implementation of a wide range of applications
  • Customized metal brackets for seamless integration

Value-Added Software Services and Support

  • Full-function device management system
  • Image generator for quick template editing
  • Driver sample code for startup   

The Advantech EPM-880 is available for order. Please contact an Advantech sales office or visit our website ( for more information.                

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