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Management Capabilities with LYNX MOSA.ic from Lynx Software Technologies


Advantech partner, Lynx Software Technologies, helps enable flexible management of multiple devices and systems from cloud or on-premise servers in addition to providing air-gap between OT and IT networks.

Lynx Software Technologies has announced the delivery of new foundational capabilities to the LYNX MOSA.ic™ framework, which enables operators who manage critical infrastructure to deploy, monitor, and manage multiple connected mission critical systems with flexibility. Use cases include factories, drones, energy infrastructure, planes, and autonomous vehicles.

Lynx’s management model supports ultimate flexibility for operation technology (OT) operators managing devices via on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environments. This model gives companies that participate in avionics and defense, automotive, industrial, and IT infrastructure markets the ability to combine the best of both worlds – embedded and edge – by bringing safety, security, and real-time to the edge management paradigms and frameworks.

Operators can combine different management models on the same node. For example, a cloud-managed workload, real-time control, and local analytics can all run on the same system. As well as providing flexibility to operators, this new set of capabilities enables the creation of “systems of systems” mission-critical infrastructure where critical air-gapping and data protection is implemented on each node. This separation isolates and detaches IT assets from OT assets, meaning OT and information technology (IT) and cloud services can be used across a facility without affecting existing infrastructure.

“With the new LYNX MOSA.ic management capabilities, we’re effectively giving the mission critical operator complete control and flexibility over their systems,” said Pavan Singh, vice president of product management at Lynx Software Technologies. “Now every heterogeneous compute node in a pipeline, a factory, or a refinery can be treated as a collective set of isolated nodes with OT, IT, and security workloads, managed from a diverse set of infrastructure options that avoid vendor lock-in.”

LYNX MOSA.ic is a framework that enables Lynx to combine its technologies with a growing ecosystem of technologies and tools from partners, such as Advantech, and the open source world. The LYNX MOSA.ic updates offer enhanced capabilities across the multiple industries Lynx supports with its systems: LYNX MOSA.ic for Avionics, LYNX MOSA.ic for Industrial, and LynxSafe for enterprise IT environments.

The LynxSecure separation kernel hypervisor, a simple platform technology that controls hardware resources according to an intuitive information flow modeling language, continues to be the foundational element of the LYNX MOSA.ic framework. LynxSecure satisfies real-time, high assurance computing requirements used to regulate military and industrial computing environments, such as NIST, NSA Common Criteria, and NERC CIP.

Two new elements are available in the management libraries that run on top of LynxSecure:

Lynx Node Manager (LNM)

Residing on the device (such as a gateway, a server blade, or a drone), LNM includes management APIs, a Lynx Messaging Service, and Elastic Compute. The capabilities enable a management controller to monitor, update, and perform operation tasks on the system. This allows each mission-critical node to be deployed, monitored, and updated securely and safely without compromising the availability and performance

Lynx Management Center (LMC)

Running either in the cloud or on-premise, LMC works with the Lynx Nodes to give the operator the system of systems view of their infrastructure. The technology has the option for integration with cloud-based management frameworks, such as the Azure device twin. Additionally, the combination of LMC and LNM acts as a starting point for companies that prefer to leverage or develop their own management controller

“Advantech is the largest supplier of industrial compute devices in the world,” said Jon Towslee, Sr. Director, iFactory sales for Advantech, North America. “The next acceleration of adoption will be driven by giving the operators the confidence of deploying workloads that can guarantee the OT requirements of availability, real-time, and security. Our partnership with Lynx Software Technologies is just one of our many partnerships that help customers do just that.”

Mission-Critical Edge Use Case for Machine Builders on MOSA.ic for Industrial

Preventive Maintenance with Vibration Analysis

Vibration monitoring can be a challenge due to performance through silos of multiple proprietary software components. Running on separate silos of hardware can be expensive, redundant, and difficult to maintain.


  • Consolidate the vibration monitoring data collection, data cleansing, and data analysis as managed virtual machines
  • Share hardware resources with other production process oriented applications (e.g. telemetry, vPLC, quality assurance)
  • Maintain a strong isolation between each data producer/consumer


  • Quickly select and integrate the most suitable components for the given machine and process 
  •  Preserve the data ownership 
  •  Simplify the components lifecycle management

Partner Integration


  • Customers need to deploy specific applications from the partner ecosystem 
  • Running on separate hardware, expensive, redundant, difficult to maintain 
  • Security and isolation are paramount


  • Virtualize the partner’s components and consolidate them into a Mission Critical Edge node 
  • Isolate and secure each partner’s application components in a domain 
  • Provide selective access to each domain 
  • Provide access as required to physical and centralized resources and communication 
  • Maintain a private domain for machine operation


  • Quickly select, integrate, and enable the preferred components from the ecosystem 
  • Preserve the data ownership with secure communication 
  • Simplify the components lifecycle management

For more information about the LYNX MOSA.ic, contact your Advantech representative or visit the Lynx Software Technologies website.