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Advantech‘s AVAS revolutionizes operating room imaging by integrating data from diverse devices, streamlining surgical workflows for better healthcare outcomes. Smart operating rooms feature real-time information streaming and integrated medical equipment, boosting efficiency. The AVAS-6 (mobile workstations), AVAS-4 series (computer consoles), and AVAS-2 series (encoders & decoders) provide benefits to both traditional and smart hybrid operating rooms with high-quality surgical images in real-time via VOIP. iVideOR software offers a complete solution for seamless instrument image connecting surgery recording, and on-demand live-streaming.

Application Scenarios

Surgical Imaging Streaming

Surgical Imaging Streaming

  • Multi-view for simultaneous displaying of images from diverse sources
  • Seamless switching technology
  • True 4K end-to-end resolution
Surgical Imaging Recording

Surgical Imaging Recording

  • Cloud-based video management system
  • Operative field and surgical environment recording
  • Open APIs and SDKs for customization
Surgical Consultation

Surgical Consultations

  • Real-time two-way image and video transition
  • Centralized control system
  • Medical-grade certified

Product Highlight

Video Mobile Workstations

The AVAS-6 series is a versatile mobile workstation for conducting surgical demonstrations and consultations.


The AVAS-4 series provides an accurate and superior view of surgical procedure recordings. It is perfect for surgery centers, operating rooms, and training seminars to achieve accuracy requirements for their procedures while also allowing integration for display monitors with diverse configurations.


The AVAS 2 series is an IP-based audiovisual and data transmission systems with a 10Gbps fiber optic cable (single/dual-link) distribution architecture designed for installation in operating rooms. This system provides video, audio, and HID USB control signal streaming with ultralow latency and supports rapid switching between source video streams output from different types of medical equipment.

iVideOR Solutions

iVideOR solution revolutionize the operating room experience with their seamless OR integration. The intuitive interface, powered by Video-over-IP technology, allows instant routing of any image source to any destination without equipment reattachment or surgery interruption.

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