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Selecting the Right Display for Your AMR: A Guide for Warehouses, Factory Automation, and Retail


Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are transforming the way warehouses, factories, and retail spaces operate, optimizing efficiency and productivity. But for AMRs to function seamlessly, clear and effective communication with human operators is crucial. The display is the bridge between humans and robots, delivering vital information and facilitating intuitive interaction. This guide will explore the key considerations when selecting the right display for your AMR, with a particular focus on the unique requirements of warehouses, factory automation, and retail environments.

Table of Contents: 

1. Why Choose a Small Display for AMRs in Your Industry?  

2. Key Considerations for Choosing a Small Display for Your AMR 

 a. Display Size and Resolution 

 b. Display Type 

 c. Display Orientation 

 d. Input Methods 

 e. Durability and Environmental Resistance 

 f. Integration and Compatibility 

3. Small Displays for AMRs in Specific Industries 

 a. Warehouses 

 b. Factory Automation 

 c. Retail 

4. Best Practices for Display Implementation

 Introducing the IDS-3210: Your Ideal Small Display for AMRs

1. Why Choose a Small Display for AMRs in Your Industry?

Space Constraints: Warehouse aisles, factory floors, and retail spaces often have limited space. Smaller displays minimize their footprint and maintain a streamlined design. 

Focused Information: In these environments, AMRs often perform specific tasks and require minimal interaction. Small displays efficiently convey essential information such as task instructions, battery levels, or navigation cues. 

Cost Efficiency: Smaller displays are typically more affordable than their larger counterparts, making them a budget-friendly option for AMR deployment.

2. Key Considerations for Choosing a Display for Your AMR

When selecting a small display for your AMR, several crucial factors need careful consideration:

a. Display Size and Resolution

Optimal Size: Choose a display size that balances information display with space constraints. A 7-inch to 10.1-inch display is often ideal for AMRs in these situations. 

Resolution and Readability: Choose a display with high enough resolution to ensure clear text and graphics, even in challenging lighting conditions or when viewed from a distance. 

b. Input Methods: 

Touchscreen: Ideal for navigating menus and selecting options. 

c. Durability and Environmental Resistance: 

IP Rating: Ensure the display meets the required IP rating for resistance to dust, water, or other environmental factors common in your industry. 

Shock and Vibration Resistance: Crucial for mobile applications, the display should be robust enough to withstand shocks and vibrations encountered during operation. 

Operating Temperature Range: Verify the display's ability to operate reliably within the temperature extremes of your specific environment.

3. Tips for Selecting a Display for AMRs in Specific Industries

Warehouses: Ensure your displays are sufficiently bright to ensure visibility in dimly lit warehouse environments. Choose displays resistant to dust, debris, and other potential impacts. 

Factory Automation: Prioritize displays with a wide operating temperature range to withstand fluctuations in the environment. 

Retail: Choose a display with a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design that integrates seamlessly into your retail environment.

4. Best Practices for Display Implementation: 

Secure Mounting: Mount the display securely, positioned to provide optimal visibility and comfort.

5. Introducing the IDP31-101WP: Your Ideal Display for AMRs

The IDP31-101WP is a 10.1-inch WVGA industrial IP67-rated front frame touch monitor, offering the ideal solution for your AMR needs. Here are some key factors to consider.

Compact Size: Its 10.1-inch display is ideal for space-constrained applications. 

Wide Temperature Range: The IDP31-101WP operates reliably in environments from -20°C to +70°C, making it perfect for warehouse and factory settings. 

Robust Construction: Built for durability, featuring a projective capacitive touchscreen solution or tempered, smudge-resistant protected glass. 

Versatile Mounting: Panel Mount and VESA mounting options ensure flexibility in installation. 

High Brightness: The ultra-high brightness solution (1200 cd/m²) is available for outdoor applications or environments with high ambient light. 

The IDP31-101WP is a reliable, robust, and affordable solution for enhancing human-robot interaction in your AMR applications.

Learn More:

To explore the IDP31-101WP in more detail and discover its full range of features, , click here to visit our product page