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Advantech Launches Edge Service Packages to Scale up Digitalization on IoT-Enabled Applications


TAIPEI, Taiwan, July 2024 – Advantech, a leading provider of automation technology, is pleased to announce Edge Service Packages, including Azure IoT Edge and AWS IoT Greengrass. The growing demand for real-time insights and localized actions in industrial settings is fueling the adoption of edge computing solutions. Edge-as-a-Service encompasses the integration of hardware, edge software, and corresponding cloud services for efficient edge orchestration. The synergy between Edge and Cloud is pivotal for successful digital transformation. Advantech's Edge Service Packages are designed to cater to Advantech hardware platforms and third-party software applications, offering enhanced flexibility and user experience. These solutions deliver device control, edge monitoring, and software management services, facilitating the seamless scaling of digitalization through accelerated deployment and integration.

To align with edge computing trends, Advantech presents the Edge Service Packages, Azure IoT Edge and AWS IoT Greengrass, to enhance the deployment of IoT Edge on edge platforms by adding value and simplifying the process. Leveraging cloud intelligence, they seamlessly integrate edge computing, outlining a roadmap for scalable workloads in hybrid cloud and edge computing. In addition, Advantech offers a wide selection of hardware that is Azure IoT Edge or AWS IoT Greengrass certified. Users can develop custom solutions by selecting preferred hardware and edge service packages according to their targeted cloud service or specifications, helping customers develop IoT-enabled applications in an optimized way.

Azure IoT Edge - Simplifying Connectivity and Development at the Edge

This package helps deploy Azure IoT Edge on premises to break up data silos and consolidate operational data at scale in the Azure Cloud. It encompasses essential Azure IoT Edge services, such as the IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service, connecting physical devices with their corresponding identities in the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub. Another example for the Azure IoT Edge module is OPC UA Publisher. When applied with Advantech’s Edge Manager, this web application can configure and manage the OPC UA server to ensure seamless communication with the OPC UA Publisher Edge module. This tool streamlines the selection of data nodes and facilitates their transmission to the cloud without the need for coding.

AWS IoT Greengrass - Building Intelligent IoT Devices Faster

AWS IoT Greengrass serves as an open-source edge runtime and cloud service, designed for constructing, deploying, and managing device software. It provides pre-built components so end users can easily extend edge device functionality without writing code. The components of AWS IoT Greengrass offer the addition of features and swift connectivity to AWS services or third-party applications at the edge. This package helps end users deploy and configure assets such as Lambda functions, Docker images, or machine learning models for local inference. Furthermore, it enables users to promptly initiate the Greengrass service on edge devices, manage it seamlessly through AWS IoT Greengrass, and efficiently transmit telemetry data to the AWS Cloud.

Advantech EdgeSync 360 - Transforming Industrial Device Management

Nevertheless, Advantech has developed an open cloud-based industrial IoT platform, EdgeSync 360, to revolutionize device and data management across various industrial applications. This suite of software products includes Edgelink for edge connectivity management, DeviceOn for IPC management, and WebAccess for SCADA and HMI visualization. For cloud service, EdgeHub is a centralized platform that streamlines edge connectivity, device management, and data analysis, distributing intelligence across edge devices. It offers a seamless method to mass deploy and update not only software applications but also Docker containers, firmware, operating systems, and Linux applications in batches from cloud to edge. 

Key Features for Advantech’s Edge Service Packages

  • Edge to Cloud Connectivity: This facilitates swift collection of equipment data through diverse industrial protocols such as MQTT, OPC UA, Modbus, and IEC-104. It ensures seamless integration with multiple cloud platforms and third-party systems for efficient data transfer.
  • Device Management: Packages include zero-touch onboarding and provisioning for secure and streamlined deployment. This enables remote monitoring of system conditions, covering hardware status, error diagnostics, and event notifications.
  • Software Governance: Software governance allows rapid and remote implementation of new software configurations across the plant or multiple pieces of equipment, reducing costs associated with software updates.

Advantech’s Edge Service Packages are available to order now. For more information about this product series, contact your local support team or visit our website at

About Advantech

Advantech has the corporate vision to "Enable an Intelligent Planet". The company is a global leader in the fields of IoT intelligent systems and embedded platforms. To embrace the trends of AIoT and artificial intelligence, Advantech has fully deployed its sector-driven strategy, focusing particularly on seven major sectors. This deployment aims to nurture market sectors and enhance core competitiveness. In the meantime, Advantech integrates its existing product group - the AIoT + Edge computing hardware platform - with the mature WISE-IoT software platform. Together with our industrial AI solutions and business expertise, this integration will form an "orchestrator" model for seamless industrial chain connections, benefiting both our partners and clients. Advantech is also working with business partners to co-create business ecosystems that accelerate the goal of industrial intelligence. (