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Modular series

Conventional HMI lacks the flexibility of field requirements. To solve this, Advantech created series of computing box modules and display modules.

Why Modular TPC series?

Why Modular TPC series?

 Rapid Customization

Platforms can be rapidly customized according to usage requirements.


Display modules combined with box modules offer a range of flexible platforms.

 Easy Maintenance

Box modules can be removed or sent for repair without unmounting the entire platform.

 Forward Compatibility

Customers can simply detach and replace the existing module with a new advanced module.

Innovative Product Design

Modular Design

Ensures integration with diverse platforms via a board-to-board connector

Tailored CPU Platforms

Equipped with the latest Intel® Core™ i/Atom®/Celeron processor

Easy and Bountiful Expansion

The inclusion of iDoor technology, PCIe slots and M.2 enables easy, flexbile expansion.

NFC/RFID in Front Panel (available upon request)

Reliable recognition and wireless connectivity

Built-in TPM 2.0

A built-in TPM 2.0 provides hardware-based encryption and ensure Win 11 upgrade capability.

iBMC Supported

Remote IoT edge management with WISE-DeviceON (TPC-B610)

Modular Desktop Performance Touch Panel PC with Fanless Design

Modular Desktop Performance Touch Panel PC with Fanless Design

This course is designed to help you wield a thorough understanding and necessary knowledge of TPC-B610 in an informative form of digestible chunks. 

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Product Categories

  • Pre-Configured System

    Advantech Pre-Configured Systems include computing box and display modules that allow users to fulfill diverse application demands.

  • Configurable System

    Advantech Modular HMI allows the computing box module to be interchangeably combined with the different sizes display modules for specific application

Featured Highlights

  • Advantech Industrial Automation and I/O Solutions

    Advantech Industrial Automation and I/O Solutions

    Advantech offers versatile I/O devices from sensor modules, add-on DAQ cards or portable modules to remote I/O and wireless I/O devices and software tools, which not only satisfy data acquisition, measurement, control, and communication needs but also allows cloud integration for wider area data management systems.