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Enhancing Facility Safety with AI-Driven Surveillance Systems


Project Introduction 

AI solutions can significantly reduce worker injuries in logistics centers, warehouses, and construction sites. Contact with dangerous equipment results in thousands of injuries annually, many of which are preventable using motion and infrared detection of people and objects near machinery. Modern construction sites now employ real-time visual detection systems that can simultaneously analyze 20 to 30 live streams. These systems utilize visual AI to enhance the visibility of on-site workers and equipment, improving responsiveness to potentially dangerous situations, such as an employee carelessly approaching moving machinery. Real-time video feeds are available via the cloud to any device with a screen, and to prevent accidents, real-time alerts are sent to screens via SMS and email. 

System Requirements 

Market demands for real-time AI-driven NVR systems necessitated this project. To enhance worksite safety, these systems must integrate existing and newly installed high-resolution cameras into a single smart security system with AI software. Additionally, the AI NVR system needs to monitor multiple worksites simultaneously, minimize false alerts, and send real-time warning alerts as dangerous events arise. Videos from the site should be sent to a control room for record keeping and detailed analysis. These records and reports can identify potentially dangerous on-site environments and improve worksite and facility safety.

System Description 

The environment is equipped with Advantech’s NVS system. Within this system, high-resolution security cameras are the first of the layers on this worksite AI security system. The second layer is the live stream video cameras that utilize our software running an NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ system. This layer processes frames in real-time and performs visual recognition to identify potentially hazardous events. The third layer receives the data needed to compile a warning alert when such events are identified. The alert is then displayed on-screen, and notifications are sent via SMS or email in the fourth layer. 

The AI NVR system’s rapid response time is crucial to improving safety. Advantech’s NVS-960OX is designed specifically for this AI NVR system. The NVS-960OX can directly receive real-time streams from cameras and use its built-in AI service to execute visual recognition, identifying potentially dangerous situations. It also supports 8x PoE, 2 x 1 GbE RJ-45, and 1 x 3.5" SATA HDD for efficient video streaming and storage without needing an additional switch.  

System Diagram


Advantech delivered a comprehensive product package to our customers. This package included all the elements required to build an upgraded system, allowing the customer to focus on software development while relying on Advantech for hardware manufacturing and integration. This arrangement ensured cost savings, quality assurance, and robust after-sales technical and service support for the customer. Advantech’s products and services provided several advantages for this project:

  • A full range of real-time compact edge AI systems 
  • High-performance AI easily customizable for real-time video analysis with high-resolution live streams 
  • An industrial NVR edge AI system that increased efficiency, accuracy, and consistency