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Semiconductor & Smart Production Applications Leverage DeviceOn to Increase Production Utilization


Project Introduction

The semiconductor industry is highly sensitive to downtime, which can cost millions of dollars per hour. Analogously, a widespread shortage of semiconductors began in late 2020, and had a significant impact on the industry. This shortage highlighted the importance of specialized components in the economy. Device management in semiconductor manufacturing is a complex process that requires careful attention to detail. Indeed, the need to manage large numbers of devices while ensuring their proper and efficient operation presents manufacturers with unique challenges.

Our Solution

DeviceOn simplifies troubleshooting for semiconductor fabrication plants by providing an easy-to-use interface that monitors device health. It also supports real-time power on/off while assessing problems, and sending software updates over-the-air (OTA). These processes can be conducted at scale on-site and/or remotely.   

 In this case, a global semiconductor company chose to use Advantech’s DeviceOn to enable remote control and real-time monitoring. By ensuring the immediate reporting of emergency events, DeviceOn reduces the system downtime caused by abnormal conditions. Indeed, managers can now actively monitor a large number of production devices and receive notifications (via Email, SMS) when equipment fails.   

DeviceOn improves production by enabling remote troubleshooting. This feature reduces equipment failure incidents and resulting repair times. Before deploying DeviceOn, many managers were needed to configure and maintain around 100 computers every week. After implementing DeviceOn, a single IT manager can take care of all 100 computers in just 1 hour, resulting in a boost in operational efficiency

Why Advantech?

  • Monitor numerous production process management devices at any time — including software and hardware health 
  • Notify administrators (via Email or SMS) if equipment fails, and conduct OTA SW/FW updates 
  • Remote troubleshooting reduces equipment repair time and improves production utilization