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Advantech’s Edge IPCs Now Qualified for AWS IoT Greengrass to Empower Enhanced IoT Solutions


Taipei, Taiwan, February 2024 – Advantech, a leading provider of embedded computing solutions, is excited to announce that its latest industrial PCs (IPCs)—UNO-137 V2, UNO-2372G V2, UNO-2484G V2, MIC-770 V3, IPC-320, and AIMB-788—have successfully met the qualifications for AWS IoT Greengrass, an open-source edge runtime and cloud service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) for building, deploying, and managing device software. This achievement signifies that Advantech’s edge IPCs are compatible with a wide range of mainstream cloud services and pre-built software components, making them ideal platforms for cost-efficient local software development.

AWS IoT Greengrass Extends Cloud Intelligence to the Edge

The growing reliance on edge computing systems has pushed the need for cloud capabilities in vertical industries. Advantech leverages AWS IoT Greengrass to ensure immediacy, scalability, autonomy, and security in the convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). Advantech’s edge IPCs are validated to run AWS IoT Greengrass and interoperate with AWS Internet of Things (IoT) services. Furthermore, the adoption of AWS IoT Greengrass facilitates the deployment and configuration of assets like AWS Lambda functions and Docker images. It also enables users to run machine learning (ML) inferences locally on the edge device based on models built and trained in the cloud. This extends AWS functionality and cloud intelligence to the edge, even supporting DLR and TensorFlow Lite runtime to perform ML inference at the edge with AWS IoT Greengrass on locally generated data using cloud-trained models. Advantech’s edge IPCs, integrated with AWS IoT Greengrass, can assist original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their customers in simplifying, accelerating, and optimizing the IoT device development journey. Advantech is also a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN).

Advantech Qualified Edge IPCs to Support Diverse Edge Computing Applications

Advantech has upgraded its range of edge IPCs to be compatible with AWS IoT Greengrass, ranging from din-rail IPC, embedded box IPC, box IPC and industrial ATX motherboards.

Powered by an Intel® Atom® processor, UNO-137 V2 features a rugged, modular design to enable convenient expansion for diverse industrial applications. In addition to the base unit with optimized I/O, UNO-137 V2 can also be equipped with an optional second-stack extension kit for iDoor extension to support additional industrial Fieldbus, wireless communication, I/O, and peripheral modules. The ability of flexible configuration and compatibility with edge software makes UNO-137 V2 an ideal solution for industrial-grade equipment and control cabinet applications.

The UNO-2372G V2 and UNO-2484G V2 represent the latest iteration of the widely adopted UNO-2000 modular IoT gateway series. The compact UNO-2372G V2 is driven by an Intel® Celeron® J6412 CPU, while the standard-sized UNO-2484G V2 is equipped with an 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i CPU. Both models offer optimized I/O ports and expansion options, facilitating high-speed, low-latency wired/wireless connectivity, and NVME storage for transmitting IoT edge data. With enhanced functionality and flexibility, the UNO-2372G V2 and UNO-2484G V2 streamline deployment and maintenance across various industrial IoT and automation applications.

Featuring an advanced 12th/13th generation Intel® Core™ i socket-type (LGA1700) processor paired with the Intel® R680E/H610E chipset, the MIC-770 V3 boasts exceptional computing performance, a diverse array of I/O interfaces, and flexible expandability achieved through i-Modules and iDoor technology integration. Notably, the incorporation of various i-Module options empowers the MIC-770 V3 with robust expansion capabilities, including 1-slot, 2-slot, 4-slot, storage, or GPU expansion modules. This versatility positions the MIC-770 V3 as a reliable solution for enhancing operational efficiency across diverse applications, such as high-speed data processing, AI inference, deep learning, and other demanding industrial requirements.

The IPC-320 stands out as an industrial-grade compact tower PC, offering high-performance computing powered by 12th/13th Gen Intel® Core™ i CPU technology. With a compact design occupying only 7.7 liters of space, it proves particularly well-suited for in-cabinet installations where space is at a premium. Notably, its exclusive thermal design ensures low-noise operation, producing only 34dB acoustics even under 100% workloads. This feature makes the IPC-320 an excellent choice for operators in close proximity to the unit. Backed by Advantech's industrial-grade design, long-term support, rigorous product certification services, revision management, and global localized support, the IPC-320 is a compelling option for achieving stable operational control.

Advantech's AIMB-788 motherboard is an Intel® Q670E board tailored for high-performance computing in industrial applications. It supports 12th/13th Gen Intel® Core™ i9/i7/i5/i3 processors and accommodates DDR4 3200 memory up to 128 GB. Offering cost-effective integrated graphics with a maximum shared memory of 1 GB when 2 GB or more system memory is installed, AIMB-788 features one PCIe x16, one PCIe x8, three PCIe x4, and two PCI slots. The motherboard's triple display interfaces enable simultaneous connections to onboard DP, HDMI, and VGA ports. Additionally, AIMB-788 is capable of integration with PCI I/O and motion cards, supporting legacy control systems.

For more information regarding the latest Advantech products with AWS device qualification, including UNO-137 V2,  UNO-2372G V2, UNO-2484G V2MIC-770 V3, IPC-320, and AIMB-788, contact your local Advantech sales team or visit our website at

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