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Advantech MIC-735M-IO Successfully Integrates with NVIDIA Holoscan SDK to Accelerate Real-time AI in Medical Applications


 Advantech, a leading provider of AI platforms, today announced that its MIC-735M-IO, a medical server-grade edge AI platform based on the NVIDIA IGX Orin platform, has successfully integrated with the NVIDIA Holoscan software development kit and delivered various demos including multi-AI ultrasound, colonoscopy polyp segmentation, and endoscopy-out-of-the-body detection pipelines. AI developers can now start using the medical AI platform in combination with the NVIDIA Holoscan SDK, which can be downloaded from NVIDIA HoloHub.

Next Generation Medical-Grade Edge AI Systems for AI Deployment in Medical Devices

MIC-735M-IO is a medical-grade, small tower edge AI system (192 x 376.7 x 338.5 mm). Embedded with NVIDIA IGX Orin, MIC-735M-IO also supports 1 x PCIe x16 slot for NVIDIA RTX A6000 or newly supported NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPUs, boosting the AI performance up to 1705 TOPS. With powerful visual and enhanced AI computing support from these discrete GPUs, the MIC-735M-IO is the optimized medical system for AI analytics, real-time image processing, and signal processing.

MIC-735M-IO offers the NVIDIA AI Enterprise-IGX software stack with 10-year support, as well as documentation to support medical certifications (IEC 60601, 62304). The MIC-735M-IO can run NVIDIA Holoscan to improve development productivity with real-time AI processing, and the MONAI framework for training deep learning models for medical AI workflows. Developers can build pipelines for sensor data processing that meet low latency requirements and scale from the data center to the edge. With NVIDIA Holoscan, MIC-735M-IO is a complete solutionthat utilizes AI to improve endoscopy procedures. It provides enhanced visualization and automatic anomaly detection to help doctors perform endoscopies more effectively with extremely low latency.

Immediately Implement The Medical AI Demo with MIC-735M-IO 

Developers can go to NVIDIA HoloHub for more information on how to build AI-processing pipelines with Holoscan. Advantech has successfully built up 3 different demos of multi-AI ultrasound, colonoscopy polyp segmentation, and endoscopy in-house.