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Optimize 5G Network Access with DPDK and XDP on uCPE Platform



5G wireless networks introduced a lot of new features like high bandwidth, low latency, and network slicing to name a few. These enable solution providers to build innovative applications from the cloud to the edge and drive the evolution of connectivity technologies used by enterprise networks and WANs (Wide Area Networks). Modern network applications built on top of DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) still rely on a Linux kernel based “slow path” to access to a 5G network, with the cost of sacrificing CPU cycles and performance. This white paper introduces a turnkey solution for uCPE Edge hardware platforms, 5G modules, and device drivers for DPDK development environments, to provide a “fast track” between DPDK applications and 5G networks.

Table of Contents

1. Advantech uCPE Solution
    1.1. uCPE Introduction
    1.2. uCPE White-Box
2. Fibocom 5G Client Solutions
    2.1. Introduction
    2.2. 5G uCPE use scenarios
       2.2.1 SD-WAN and SASE
       2.2.2 IOT monitor application for Government
       2.2.3 Financial business experience and security application
    2.3. Device Driver Enhancement
3. Software stack for performance improvement
4. Validation environment
    4.1. Network Topology
    4.2. Packets transmission path optimization
    4.3. Packets exchange optimization between Driver & Stack
    4.4. Validation Platform Configuration
5. Conclusion

1. Advantech uCPE Solution

1.1. uCPE Introduction

Network and computing are fundamental capabilities for Edge Computing. uCPE (Universal CPE) devices are an on-prem edge platform combined with advanced networking technologies and computing power, benefitting from highly integrated Intel network platforms. uCPE devices can host Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) such as SD-WAN, Firewall, DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) and enterprise applications in a single platform, which simplifies end to end connectivity between enterprise networks and the cloud. With a unified CPU architecture, compatible software environment, and multiple platform options, application developers can enjoy the experience of one-time development, run anywhere.

For over 30 years, the world's leading brands have chosen to embed Advantech computing platforms and IoT intelligent systems into their products, empowering Industry 4.0 and smart city applications and transforming network infrastructures. As an early innovator in new technologies such as AI, IoT and NFV, Advantech helps co-create new business ecosystems that enable an intelligent planet.

Advantech's uCPE designs provide a range of innovative platforms needed by service providers to transform the network using new disaggregated models. uCPE and NFV extend the cloud to the enterprise edge where technologies such as SD-WAN, IoT, and virtual RAN (vRAN)) enable a converged edge architecture securely connecting people and things. Over 100 dedicated engineers design our networking products to address new market needs following strict quality design rules and test criteria. Certifications and regional homologation services ensure products can be safely deployed globally. All this is backed by a solid financial base and an extensive networks of more than 8,000 employees globally. That is why we are a trusted uCPE and SD-WAN hardware partner that service providers and system integrators rely on across all major continents.

2. Fibocom 5G Client Solutions

3. Software Stack for Performance Improvement

4. Validation Environment

5. Conclusion

Read complete contents, please download the white paper.