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  • Solution Brief
  • Deploying SD-WAN Solutions for Electric Utility Remote Sites

    As electric utilities move to cloud-based network architectures, Advantech’s FWA-1112VC appliance, powered by Juniper® Session Smart™ SD-WAN and Intel Atom® C3000 CPUs, provides scalable performance for edge environments.
  • Zeblok Computational, Advantech, and Unlock Edge AI’s Potential

    Service providers are facing the next great opportunity in digital transformation. Soon, they will more easily attract and retain customers and increase protability by offering next-generation articial intelligence (AI) services as part of their product portfolio.
  • Private 5G uCPE Helps Service Providers Meet Enterprise Demand

    Solution for private 5G combines RAN software from Accelleran, Intel®-based whitebox appliances from Advantech, and virtualization software from Enea for flexible on-premises solution with compute headroom for more services
  • Maximizing the Flexibility of Edge Video Analytics with uCPE

    Service provider inq leverages Advantech's edge appliances combined with Enea's uCPE virtualization and management solution for delivery of high performance video analytics services at the customer premises edge.
  • AI to Improve Public Safety in Mexico City - World’s First Community Driven Smart Surveillance Solution Helps Authorities Reduce Crime by 40%

    Security is one of the main concerns for global communities. Protecting families is also a top priority for authorities that invest a lot of resources into improving city safety. However, traditional surveillance systems show inefficiencies widening the gap between citizens and security agents.
  • Accelerating Forwarding Plane Performance

    In preparation for the widespread use of 5G and the broad array of functions that will be virtualized over the network, it is vital that newly deployed platforms take full advantage of verified pre-integrated solutions in order to provide predictable performance and offer the throughput headroom needed by new and future services.
  • 5G Edge Servers for the Open RAN

    vRAN opens the telco edge to innovation, enabling new Internet of Things cloud partnerships and value-add private network enterprise services that will allow operators to monetize 5G investment. But many uncertainties remain unsolved in the way to develop the RAN of the future.
  • Private 5G Networks for Industrial IoT

    Advantech Private 5G Network solution combines industrial-grade hardware with full-stack radio access and core software in a fully integrated platform that provides enhanced data security, wire-like speeds, deterministic behavior, real time response and cost efficiencies to enterprises deploying mission and business critical applications, building
  • WiTCOM Deploys Open Multi-vendor Solution to Power Smart City Initiative

    WiTCOM provides business customers, government institutions, and ITC service providers in Wiesbaden with professional telecommunication services and secure data center services. Now WiTCOM isd eploying an open uCPE platform as an edge cloud to host smart city services, including IoT, traffic control, surveillance, and wholesale services.
  • Accelerating Forwarding Plane Performance

    As Communication Service Providers transition from proprietary single-function networking elements to Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) they will begin to realize the transformational benefits of Software Defined Networking (SDN) where services become increasingly migrated into cloud-native workloads.
  • Intel® Select Solutions for uCPE with Advantech White Boxes

    Imagine a network where a new branch office or retail outlet can be brought online and securely connected to a corporate WAN via the internet in minutes. A network where managed service providers or enterprise IT departments are able to remotely deploy virtual network functions and instantiate new network service chains ....
  • NFVTime SD-WAN Solutions based on Advantech White-box uCPE

    Built on the award-winning NFVTime-OS from Telco Systems and the latest generation of Advantech white-box uCPEs, the NFVTime-Verge portfolio delivers a powerful framework for next generation uCPE rollout with out of the box support for Virtual Network Functions from select vendors....
  • Deploying & Orchestrating ECI’s Mercury™ uCPE on Advantech White Boxes

    Universal Customer Premise Equipment, or uCPE, is taking center stage as communication service providers consolidate physical network functions and evolve their Software Define WAN (SD-WAN) offerings to run in more generic, off-the-shelf universal platforms. With uCPE, SD-WAN can just as easily be deployed as a virtual network function (VNF) ...
  • Remote Evaluation of Intel Select Solutions for NFVI

    Several years after ETSI published its Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) white paper, the communications industry continues to work together to realize the vision of a virtual network where software-based network functions are disaggregated from the hardware below them. The road to full network transformation is not an easy one and strong ecos
  • Enea NFV Access - Software Platform for Advantech White box uCPEs

    Advantech’s open white-box uCPEs, designed around standard Intel processors in feature-flexible appliances, provide the range of server-grade platforms needed by Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to transform conventional deployment models in the enterprise WAN.
  • Accelerating Virtual BRAS Data Plane Throughput

    Communications service providers (CommSPs) are growing more confident in the ability of network functions virtualization (NFV) to deliver carrier-grade voice and data services. This is thanks to the maturing NFV ecosystem and the growing number of virtualized customer premises equipment (CPE) deployments and trials of virtualized core network appli
  • Kapsch CarrierCom* and Advantech* Use NFV to Deploy Universal CPE

    Network functions virtualization (NFV) has matured to the point where the majority of network functions can be hosted on Intel architecture-based servers. A single virtualized system hosting an NFV infrastructure (NFVI), network orchestration, and virtual network functions (VNF) can replace the multiple dedicated pieces of customer edge (CE) equipm
  • Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW)

    Deciding on whether you need a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) or a Universal Threat Management (UTM) appliance to protect your enterprise can be quite daunting for some companies to say the least. There is still some level of confusion in the market as to the differences between the two, while even the terminology itself is questionable as next ..
  • Universal CPE Deployment

    With the Virtual CPE market size estimated by Markets & Markets to grow from $486.5 Million in 2016 to over $2.8 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 42.1% and the SD-WAN market predicted to top the 9B$ by 2021, the CPE hardware, software and services business looks set for a tectonic shift that will reshape the entire Enterprise IT industry.
  • Multi-channel 4K HEVC Broadcast and Contribution Encoder

    With 4K TV prices rapidly dropping to the HD-level, 4K adoption is expected to finally take off in 2016. 4K TV penetration rate will rise to 23.8% by the end of the year according to TrendForce which will increase the demand for 4K services and drive the broadcast and cable networks rollout plans.