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Design To Order Services

DTOS Application Stories


Advantech DTOS team has involved in the embedded industry for years serving dedicated and streamlined customization services to enable a variety of applications in the market.

DDR4 ECC Rugged DIMM: Improving In-Flight Infotainment Reliability in Aviation
In the dynamic landscape of aviation, the passenger experience is a key focus for airlines striving to set themselves apart. A prominent airline recently initiated a project aimed at enhancing their airplane infotainment systems to deliver a more robust and reliable entertainment experience for passengers.
Advantech Collaborates with Turkey ISSD to Deploy AI-Assisted Traffic Surveillance and Analysis
The complexity of traffic patterns further complicates the monitoring and dynamic tracking of vehicles. Globally, nations are actively adopting technology to build smart transportation systems that improve road services for commuters.In Turkey, ISSD has leveraged its expertise in smart traffic development and system integration to successfully
Enhanced Data Security and Continuity Through Power Failure Protection
In the realm of enterprise-level applications, the demand for Solid State Drive (SSD) products has witnessed a remarkable surge. This burgeoning need, especially in environments where data integrity and security are paramount, has propelled the development of a project aimed at fortifying SSD and the integration of Human Security Gates.
sTLC Flash Super High Endurance SSD for 24/7 Factory Operation
Data storage and retrieval is critical in automated manufacturing environments. Data from sensors and other devices are used to control manufacturing processes and ensure product quality. SQFlash sTLC Flash technology provides reliable SLC-level durability and high speed for 24/7 automated machines to store and process data in real time.
Smarter, Safer Cities Enabled by Edge AI
AI has come to play an essential part in how cities work. Cities are becoming increasingly smart and efficient, driving innovation and making public spaces into smart spaces. Advantech provides integrated hardware and software to accelerate traffic management, public safety, and delivery robot applications.

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