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Auto System Recovery Boosts Smart Grid Availability


Project Introduction

Smart grids fail for myriad reasons. One of their main weakness is a vulnerability to hacking and sabotage. This is due to their reliance on the cloud — a fragile and complex network of data centers that is more susceptible to blackouts than traditional systems. The cloud is also exceedingly difficult to maintain as its facilities are often spread across different locations. As a result, many modern smart grids are highly vulnerable to cascading failure — in which the failure of one or more critical component triggers the failure of other components, and creates a chain reaction that results in the breakdown of the whole system. 

Our Solution

Advantech proposes DeviceOn as a solution to these challenges. DeviceOn can be hosted on public cloud where it delivers device and data management for widely-distributed applications — like wind turbines, energy management facilities, energy storage cabinets, and EV charging sites. The system auto-recovery feature provided by DeviceOn ensures smart grid availability even after a system failure. System auto-recovery is designed to detect system failures then recover the system to a previous state automatically.   

DeviceOn leverages a protocol converter to transfer data from critical energy facilities and its components. Data collected from the field can be aggregated to a situation room that oversees the grid. Utility companies or grid operators can leverage the 400+ APIs provided by DeviceOn and integrate key features into their front-end management interface — these features include real-time monitoring, remote control, notifications, and OTA updates. DeviceOn makes it easier to construct and operate smart grids, reducing time-to-market and system integration effort. 

Highlighted Features

  • Provisioned cloud infrastructure; device and data management solutions for widely-distributed EV chargers
  • Protocol converter connects critical components within EV chargers
  • A flow control and inference engine for predictive maintenance
  • A situation room manages key information from the real-time power generation status