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[Infographic] The Future of Building Automation


The field of building management is witnessing a significant transformation as it moves toward increased intelligence and efficiency. This evolution is possible through the seamless integration of building systems, controls, sensors, and networks with revolutionary Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This advancement sets the stage for innovative and smarter building management solutions, which stand poised to redefine the industry's landscape.

A smart building can be defined as a facility that leverages modern connectivity technology to gather and process data from sensors and connected devices or equipment. With this data, facility managers can not only enhance safety and comfort for building occupants, but also contribute to a more efficient, cost-saving, and sustainable environment.


Trends in Action

Tackling building monitoring and automation challenges, Chicago Public Schools aimed to unite IT and OT networks with an integrated system to connect district facilities and collect/visualize data. Watch how Advantech’s UNO-420 PoE-powered sensing gateway and KMC Commander from KMC Controls help create a scalable smart building solution.

The primary CPS objective is to enhance overall energy efficiency, reduce operational and maintenance expenses, ensure the well-being and security of the building's inhabitants, such as employees, staff members, and students, while also offering greater access to data for a more analytics-driven approach to building monitoring and management.

Case Study Video: Transforming & Modernizing Chicago Public Schools