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Computadoras Portátiles

Las computadoras portátiles (de uso industrial) de Advantech ofrecen lo mejor en cuanto a resistentes dispositivos móviles para aplicaciones industriales. Nuestros resistentes dispositivos móviles cuentan con certificación militar y resistentes a impactos, proveen alta movilidad y calidad de gran resistencia a profesionales de campo. Nuestra linea de productos incluye terminales handheld, PDA industriales y Tablet PCs industriales. Estas soluciones de

Logistics & Warehousing

With user-oriented peripheral and stable wireless communication, Advantech tablets improve efficiency in workflow digitalization in areas such as the picking and packing process, inventory management, distribution centers, and forklift applications.

Field Services

The smart battery design and charging station allow the tablet to be operated in the field for an extended time. With stable wireless connectivity, the tablets provide real-time communication enabling field workers to make informed decisions on the spot. 

Fleet Management & Transportation

Advantech tablets are designed with vehicle docking and I/O ports to provide high performance solutions for fleet management and transportation applications such as route optimization, driver behavior monitoring, cargo inspection, and shipping.

Government & Public safety

Advantech tablets are built rugged to withstand vibration and extreme weather conditions. Integrated peripherals provide advanced mobility and flexibility for real-time access. They can be used for personnel tracking, access control, and can be deployed for special purposes during emergencies.

Retail Solution

Advantech's rugged yet lightweight mobile tablets support long-duration operation and can be easily expanded with the integration of various extension modules. IP65-rated for resistance to water and dust ingress, these tablets offer the capabilities to enhance the customer shopping experience, streamline operations, and increase productivity. 

Mobile Design & Manufacturing Services

Advantech’s Mobile Design & Manufacturing Service offers optimized tailor-made mobile solutions for all smart city applications including manufacturing, public safety, gaming, heavy-duty machinery, and vehicle diagnostics. With their extensive experience, the mobile DMS team can design mobile solutions for specific purposes to provide value to customers and bolster the growth of their businesses.    

Product Categories

  • Tablet PCs de Uso Industrial

    Advantech provee resistentes y semi-resistentes Tablet PCs. La familia de Tablet PCs de uso industrial de Advantech esta construida pensando en su durabilidad y estabilidad; sostenible bajo los entornos más difíciles. Toda nuestra línea de productos es una ideal plataforma para captura, procesamiento y transferencia de datos de acuerdo a los requerimientos especificos del negocio, tales como manufacturación, almacenamiento, militar, aviación, mantenim

  • Mobile Design & Manufacturing Service

    Advantech's extensive technology design experience offers tailor-made tablet solutions optimized for different vertical markets.