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WebAccess+ Solutions

WebAccess, as the core of Advantech’s IoT solution, is the first Client/Server/Browser based configurable SCADA software. Through Advantech’s HMI/SCADA system, we can build up the foundation of IoT data management. In addition, with its open architecture, vertical domain applications can easily be integrated. In WebAccess+ solutions, WebAccess runs on a preconfigured Advantech solid hardware platform to collect field data from remote I/O devices and/or controllers via different communication ha

Product Categories

  • Edge SRP

    Edge SRP includes different packages of bundled hardware and software which can be used for data collection, edge computing, and data visualization.

    • Edge Service Packages

      Advantech offers 3 Edge Service Packages: WISE-Edge365/ IoT Edge, Azure IoT Edge and AWS IoT Greengrass to deploy cloud intelligence on edge platforms
    • Edge Analyzer

      Advantech edge devices with EdgeLink, AWS IoT Greengrass, or Azure IoT Edge can deploy stream analytics, machine learning, and image recognition.
    • Edge Data Collector

      Advantech gateways and RTUs are bundled with edge software to support data collection, protocol conversion, and data publishing to cloud platforms.
    • Edge Visualizer

      Advantech edge devices with ACP ThinClient, WebAccess/ SCADA, and WebAccess/ HMI can support diverse data visualization applications.
    • Edge Controller

      Advantech offers a complete portfolio of hardware solutions by CODESYS to assist customers improve profitability and lower operational costs.
    • Edge Networking

      Advantech cellular routers and Ethernet switches combined with network communication software can improve network management for various industries.
    • 零碳工厂智能边缘一体机

  • WISE-EdgeLink

    WISE-EdgeLink IoT gateway software enables edge intelligence with functions of device connectivity, protocol conversion, data logs, and data security.

  • WebAccess/CNC

    CNC machine network solution featuring UTE/OEE functions can be used to capture real-time CNC information and analyze machine availability.

  • Solution Ready Platform (SRP)

    Advantech provides IoT Solution Ready Platforms for factory management, energy management, and equipment management.

  • WebAccess HMI/SCADA software

    Advantech WebAccess is a web browser-based software package for HMI/SCADA software. All the features found in WebAccess HMI/SCADA software including SCADA Server, Widget Library, Excel Reporting, Remote Device Management, Animated Graphics Displays, Real-time Data, Control, Trends, Alarms and Logs, are available in HTML5 Dashboard which provides cross-platform and cross-browser data access and user interface.

  • WebAccess/HMI

    WebAccess/HMI software is a Human Machine Interface and an integrated development tool proven for data visualization in many applications.

  • Servidor OPC

    El Grupo de Automatización Industrial de Advantech presenta una interfaz estandarizada para los servidores de dispositivos industriales, de la OPC (OLE for Process Control) del servidor. Un servidor OPC proporciona a los dispositivos, tales como un dispositivo de E / S, para comunicarse con una amplia gama de paquetes de software HMI / SCADA que residen en un host. Cualquier sistema de software con capacidades de cliente OPC puede acceder a los conductores del OPC del servidor de Advantech .

  • WebAccess Bundled Products

    Advantech provides Project Web Access Bundled Products, including Touch Panel Computers and UNO products, as SCADA server and HMI control systems. When purchasing these products, users will get a bundle of WebAccess/SCADA and WebAccess/HMI by Windows 7 Embedded/ Windows 7 Pro for Embedded Systems (WES 7 Pro) OS built in to Advantech’s robust hardware platform. This allows users to configure the applications on the hardware platforms. When the application is running on the SCADA Node, users can

    • Operator HMI

      WA-HT series is a application-ready-package which helps users to achieve efficient HMI solutions for data visualization in automation industries.
    • Data gateway

      The WA-HU series is a application-ready-package for data visualization with multiple protocol translation for automation industries.
  • DeviceOn/BI

    Advantech DeviceOn/BI is an open cloud-based IIoT platform designed for device management and asset management to enable digital transformation.