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Design-In ePaper: Streamlined Embedded Display Modules for Wide-Ranging Applications

Design-In ePaper

Design-In Revolution

Gone are the days of hardware limitations. Our innovative  design-in approach empowers end users to seamlessly integrate  ePaper display panels into their hardware, thanks to customizable  open-frame designs. With panel sizes ranging from to  customizable 2.13" to 31.2", indoor and outdoor options, and  efficient data transmission via USB and USB-C interfaces, the  possibilities are endless. 

Seamless Server Integration     

A leading semiconductor company in Taiwan has embraced Advantech's open-frame 2.9" display  module, revolutionizing their production machines. By broadcasting item information and status,  this ePaper Display module streamlines operations and integrates effortlessly with existing  central systems. Multi-transmissions save time and provide comprehensive data visualization,  boosting efficiency and productivity.

Efficiency Meets Sustainability