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Advantech AMAX-5070 ModBus TCP Coupler Enhances System Integration


Taipei, Taiwan, June 2023 – Advantech, a leading provider of Industrial IoT and Automation platforms, has just launched the AMAX-5070 ModBus/TCP coupler which provides simple and robust factory IT/OT system integration. It is a high-density ModBus TCP I/O system which aggregates data collection from all connected I/O modules. AMAX-5070  supports up to 255 different I/O and has a compact form factor with dimensions of only 11 x 3 cm. AMAX-5070 also provides Group IDs and cable redundancy to boost EtherCAT connectivity. These features combine to establish a powerful ModBus TCP DADC system that is easy to set up and remotely control, making it well-suited for factory systems upgrading to Industry 4.0 and beyond.

Small but powerful

The AMAX-5070 ModBus TCP is part of the AMAX-5000 series and offers a maximum DIO of 160 points or AIO of 60 points within a width of only 15 cm. AMAX-5000 series I/O also provides 15 functional modules, from basic analog/digital input and output to encoders and decoders, all managed remotely for a variety of applications. 

Field site engineering simplified

The user-friendly design of our Group ID technology enables field site engineers to set up modules with speed and accuracy. Group ID feature automatically matches a coupler’s rotary switch number, which helps engineers quickly synchronize the hardware and software for their applications. Moreover, AMAX-5070 demands only one IP address for a maximum of 255 I/O modules. This overcomes factory IP shortage problems and streamlines maintenance for the IT department.

Key features 

AMAX-5070 Modbus TCP Coupler with ID Switch

  • Group IDs for Modbus Mapping
  • Cable redundancy to enhance EtherCAT connectivity
  • Compact, high-density design
  • Fast, stable, and efficient
  • Supports up to 255 I/O
  • 15 functional modules

Advantech’s AMAX-5070 is a next-generation ModBus TCP coupler for fast, stable, management of manufacturing equipment. It packs a great deal of flexibility and performance into a small form factor for reliable and efficient remote equipment management. For more information on this and other Advantech products and services, please contact your local sales support team or visit the Advantech website at 

In this course, Advantech will introduce the AMAX-5070, the Modbus TCP coupler for the AMAX-5000 I/O system, and why AMAX-5070 is important to your IIoT application.