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Intelligent Connectivity

Seamless data connectivity from the network edge to the cloud

Creating a Reliable Network Foundation for IoT Success

From IoT to AI innovation, the ultimate goal of technology is to make the world a smarter, better place. As more and more data acquisition devices are deployed, the network transmission requirements continue to increase.

Advantech integrates advanced transmission technologies, such as time-sensitive networking (TSN), 5G, and Wi-Fi 6, with existing Modbus, Fieldbus, and Ethernet capabilities in order to provide a seamless communication environment for diverse industries.

What’s New?

Industrial Ethernet switch
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Fiber & PoE Converters, Injectors and Extenders
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Industrial Ethernet to serial device servers, Modbus/Fieldbus gateway
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Industrial wireless and gateways
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Cellular routers and gateways
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Wireless sensing solution
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Industrial connectivity software
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Explore Our Solution Offerings

Smart Manufacturing

Ethernet networking provides a reliable and open network infrastructure that enables the various systems deployed for machine and factory automation applications to communicate effectively, resulting in highly synchronized operations. Advantech’s smart manufacturing network solution is aimed at smart factories and intelligent equipment manufacturing. Suitable for any applications that necessitate a compact, reliable, and robust network, this solution facilitates high-volume production and increases competitiveness in the market.

Power and Data Transfers via a Single Cable (PoE)

For deploying power supply and networking services, power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology is ideal. However, deciding which PoE technology is appropriate for your requirements can be challenging. Advantech’s intelligent wiring solutions are designed to provide the appropriate technology and IoT devices to support a wide range of usage needs.

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Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)

The Internet of Things has made deterministic communication more critical to industries such as the automotive, manufacturing, and utilities industries. Providing a means for determinism over standard Ethernet enables true real-time communication, which is the reason need time-sensitive networking is required.

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Smart City

To promote the development of a smarter, safer world, Advantech’s wide range of I/O products enable accurate data collection and reliable communication, providing a solid foundation for smart city applications. Advantech’s smart city solutions are aimed at diverse industries, including the intelligent transportation, railway management, environment, and energy sectors, as well as any applications that necessitate data acquisition and management.

Wireless Transmissions in the 5G Era

The ultimate purpose of technology is to make the world smarter by replicating human intelligence. With the emergency of 5G, managers are deciding whether to invest in 5G now, and what wireless technologies are suitable for their business.

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Transportation- Railway Communication Solution

Advantech’s railway communication total solution offers both wired and wireless connectivity for various transportation applications, such as rolling stock, trackside, train station, transportation hubs, and control center usage scenarios. The solution’s rugged, EMC-tolerant hardware is designed to deliver reliable network connectivity in environments with high vibration and interference, while the embedded management software and redundancy features ensure excellent communication capabilities.

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Transportation- Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

In many cities around the world, the transportation infrastructures are being improved and updated. Advantech provides a wide range of advanced product solutions for road traffic applications, including highway entrance controls, traffic information systems, tunnel monitoring systems, electronic toll collection systems, vehicle license plate detection, and video surveillance.

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