In the banking industry, every visit is a key opportunity to further develop customer relationships. Advantech’s Customer Visit Management (CVM) solution includes automated queueing management, digital signage, customer identification, and central data management functions for enabling banks to improve the customer experience and identify profitable clients.

For customers visiting a bank, they can obtain a sequentially numbered queuing ticket from an all-in-one touch terminal by simply tapping the screen. Then, while they wait their turn to be dealt with, they can either sit comfortably or perform other tasks, such as obtaining the latest interest rates or completing an online satisfaction survey. For banks, this waiting time is a great opportunity to provide related financing advertisements that further engage financial service customers. The system informs customers when it’s their turn to be served via both a number display over the counter and a voice message alert.

With the customer identification function, VIP customers can be identified the moment they enter a branch and swipe their card. Banks can then segment their visitors and provide VIP customers with special treatment. The system can also be used to collect statistical data at every branch, enabling managers at corporate headquarters to monitor performance and examine customer behaviors in different regions.