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Serial / USB Communications

Advantech offers serial / USB converters, isolators, repeaters, surge suppressors, data taps /splitter, USB hubs, and industrial communication cards.

Bridging the Connectivity Gap

In the hazardous industrial world, existing equipment investments often rely on standard serial interfaces to communicate. Advantech connectivity solutions are designed with features that allow them to operate successfully in challenging environments. These devices help industrial equipment communicate reliably while protecting from damaging and costly powerspikes, surges and transients.Advantech serial and USB protocol devices have been supporting data communications and protecting mission critical applications for more than 30 years. Advantech’s USB devices allow many USB conveniences to be reliably implemented on the factory floor with features such as high data transfer rates, isolation, Ethernet conversion, high retention USB ports and more.ULI series and ADAM-4500 modules are suitable for establishing costeffective industrial networks. ULI serial and USB converters/repeatersare best solution for converting RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and USB and extending the range of data communication in rugged conditions. Advantech also has complete range of industrial communication cards-PCI/PCIE series that use the RS-232/422/485 and CAN interfaces.With industrial-grade certification and protection, Advantech serial communication cards are designed for various industrial automation applications.

Feature Highlights

One-stop Shop Serial Converter for RS-232/422/485

  • RS-232 port / battery / external PSU power options. 
  • Surge / ESD / isolation / wide temperature for heavy-duty applications.  
  • C1D2 and IEC 61850-3 certified for O&G and substations.

Industrial-grade USB to Serial Converters and USB Hubs/Isolators

  • USB port-powered and locked serial number design to ease installation. 
  •  Surge / ESD / isolation / wide temperature for heavy-duty applications. 
  •  High retention USB connector grips cable tight for high-vibration applications.

Enable Reliable Equipment Communication

  • Wide-range of bus interfaces – MiniPCIe/iDoor, PC/104, PCI-104, ISA, PCI, PCIe. 
  •  Wide-range communication interfaces- RS-232/422/485, USB 3.0, CAN bus. 
  •  Speeds up to 921.6 kbps with any baud rate setting. 
  •  Built-in 256-byte FIFOs to guarantee constant data transmission.

Product Categories

Featured Highlights

  • Advantech Industrial Intelligent Connectivity Solutions

    Advantech Industrial Intelligent Connectivity Solutions

    Advantech integrates technologies, such as time-sensitive networking (TSN), 5G, and Wi-Fi 6, with existing Modbus, Fieldbus, and Ethernet capabilities to provide seamless connectivity via industrial switches, routers, gateways, media and serial converters.

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