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Improve Efficiency and Optimize Real-time Ordering with Kitchen Display Systems



COVID-19, and the resulting social distancing restrictions, have changed the food service industry, and made in-person ordering more challenging. In response, customers are increasingly placing their orders through alternative channels — such as online platforms, self-ordering kiosks, and drive-thrus. Kitchen display solutions are integral in this transition. These systems improve efficiency, seamlessly display and organize information, and reduce face-to-face interactions among kitchen staff. Kitchen display systems help restaurants improve kitchen/lobby communication and provide restaurant owners with business insights in the form of kitchen performance reports.


Our end customer is one of the largest multinational fast food restaurants in the world. Its Japanese franchise owners were planning to deploy new kitchen display systems in 100+ stores. These systems required a compact reliable digital signage player capable of displaying orders and connecting with routers wirelessly. In addition, this system needed to be capable of collecting orders from diverse POS, ordering kiosks, and online ordering platforms. To help kitchen staff manage orders, the player had to be able to connect with a thermal printer and a keyboard. Advantech’s DS-100, a reliable industrial digital signage solution, was key to meeting these criteria.


Advantech’s DS-100 features a light, cableless, ultra-compact design (13.5 x 13 x 2.9 cm/5.3 x 5.11 x 1.14 in) with powerful display capabilities. DS-100 is easily installed and concealed behind display screens with compatible mounting brackets. ARM dual-core Cortex-A72 and quad-core Cortex-A53 processors power this solution; which displays real-time ordering information on two ultra FHD resolution screens. In addition, this excellent cost effective solution supports low power consumption features. DS-100 delivers multiple I/O interfaces for receipt printers and keyboards. Integrated with an Advantech’s M.2 wireless module, DS-100 can be wirelessly connected to a router that aggregates orders from ordering systems. Additionally, DS-100 is preloaded with Android 7.1 to accelerate software development for customers. Advantech’s signage solution boasts fanless industrial-grade reliability with guaranteed long-hour operation that reduces maintenance costs. These digital signage solutions are deployed in many self-ordering kiosks and kitchen display solutions to empower seamless order and delivery services. The combination of full-range services, complete product offerings, industrial-grade reliability, and best performance/cost make Advantech the ideal choice for quick service restaurants and digital signage applications.