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Advantech-DLoG Android Supports 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi Connectivity on its DLT-V72/V72 Facelift Series


Taipei, Taiwan, October 2019 – Advantech, a leading provider of industrial computing platforms, is pleased to release the Advantech-DLoG Android operating system (v. 7.1.2) on its DLT-V72/V72 Facelift series of vehicle-mounted terminals (VMTs). Advantech’s DLT-V72/V72 Facelift series are the first VMTs in the market that support the Android OS and 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi communication capabilities to ensure uninterrupted data transmissions for indoor and outdoor applications. Moreover, in addition to the ultra-rugged industrial design, Advantech provides full Android support throughout the product lifecycle to guarantee reliable operation in even the toughest environments — from warehouses to ports, factories,mines, and more.

With support for Microsoft’s legacy operating system, Windows CE, coming to an end, many customers are starting to transition to new applications running on Android. At the same time,the Android OS has gradually evolved to include more enterprise features that enable access to a large ecosystem of industrial applications. Advantech offers not only rugged VMTs equipped with Android, but also full Android OS support throughout the product lifecycle to enable easy deployment and asset management as well as performance optimization.

For device deployment and management, Advantech offers a powerful set of device management tools, including DLoG MDevice, DLoG MStage, and third-party software, such as SOTI MobiControl, to enable seamless software deployment and system migration for enhanced device management. For operational improvement, Advantech-DLoG Android features excellent wireless communication capabilities, a barcode scanner wedge application,and customizable Advantech Launcher to allow operators to complete tasks more rapidly and accurately. Finally, Advantech offers free security updates to protect your Android VMT for the entire Google service period.

Streamlined Device Deployment and Management with Value-Added Tools

The DLoG MDevice configuration tool serves as the core of the system, enabling full terminal functionality and configuration of advanced settings, including disabling/enabling of hardware modules and defining of specific function keys. Meanwhile, DLoG MStage is a staging tool for automatically implementing a bundle of configurations on multiple devices simultaneously, enabling rapid deployment. Advantech also supports SOTI’s MobiControl on the Android OS. MobiControl is a trusted enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution from that enables organizations to manage, support, secure, and track corporate-liable and employee-liable mobile devices, applications, and content throughout their entire lifecycle,from deployment to retirement.

Optimized Performance with Superior Wireless and Intuitive Interface

Advantech’s DLT-V72/V72 Facelift series of VMTs are the first to support the Android OSand 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi communication capabilities to enable uninterrupted data transmissions for both indoor and outdoor applications. The rapid switching between cellular and Wi-Fi connections further reduces environmental barriers for applications that involve frequently moving between outdoor and indoor areas. When vehicles move from the indoors to outdoors,DLT-V72/V72 Facelift VMTs automatically switch from Wi-Fi to 4G signals. For indoor Wi-Fi connectivity, Advantech-DLoG Android features advanced Wi-Fi roaming capabilities to provide superior connectivity for reliable real-time communication.

Because the Android OS is widely used on consumer mobile devices, Android-based VMTs offer a more intuitive and familiar user interface that allows operators to complete tasks more rapidly and accurately. The customizable Advantech Launcher replaces the standard Android home screen with a kiosk-style interface that allows the operators to see and execute only the apps needed to perform their job. Finally, Advantech-DLoG Android OS also features a barcode scanner wedge application for easily capturing data without additional programming.

Extended Android Support with Free Security Updates

In addition to rugged VMTs equipped with Android and value-added software tools, Advantech also offers full Android support throughout the product lifecycle. Android VMTs requires regular system updates to address system vulnerabilities and protect against unauthorized access or malicious software. Advantech-DLoG Android team offers free security patch updates (released two times per year) for the entire Google service period.

Key Features

  • Supports both 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Rapid Wi-Fi roaming capabilities ensure superior connectivity when moving
  • DLoG MStage tool enables rapid and simultaneous device deployment
  • DLoG MDevice configuration tool enables full functionality and configuration
  • SOTI offers comprehensive mobile device management options
  • Integrated barcode scanner wedge application optimizes data acquisition
  • Free security patch updates for the entire Google service period (two updates per year)

Advantech’s DLT-V72/V72 Facelift series of VMTs with Advantech-DLoG Android and 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity are available for order now. To obtain more information regarding this, contact your local sales support team or visit our product page.