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Advantech provides medical equipment to offer medical solutions and reduce medication errors in healthcare industry. AMiS medical carts are mobile carts designed to optimize point-of-care service, telemedicine, and patient care. Equipped with workstation computer and LiFePO4 battery, AMiS series deliver high-performance computing capability and are intelligent upgrade options for nursing workstation computers.

Application Scenarios

Hospital & Ward


  • Medical cart
  • Ward nursing station
  • Documentation cart
  • Telehealth cart
  • Vital sign measuring tool cart


  • Movable medication cart
  • Medicine checking station
  • Close loop medication management (CLMA)
  • Medical box/ bin tracking and management
Operating room

ICU / Isolation Room

  • Telehealth cart with digital diagnostic set
  • Physical examination cart
  • Adaptable to other fields : Tele-Rehab, Tele-ophthalmology, Tele-dermatology, etc.


  • Diagnosis checking station
  • Temporary diagnosis station
  • Clinical training and teaching cart


  • Cashier & Registration
  • Mobile information station

Special Consultation

  • Adaptable to any field
    e.g., Dental examination station, optometry station
  • Temporary consultation cart
  • Physical examination cart

Product Highlights

Documentation cart

The AMIS-50E medical cart is flexible and customizable with an intelligent upgrade path, making it an attractive long-term solution for hospitals and clinics.

Telemedicine cart

Advantech AiMS telemedicine cart develop an open platform that satisfies all current and future hospital requirements. Easily access telemedicine procedures and improve medical service quality.

Medication cart

The AMiS medication cart is ideal for patient medication administration in hospital wards. With the individual bin locking mechanism, AMiS cart help nurse increased medication control and safety.

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