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Lightweight Portable Device Boosts Remote Video Transmission Capabilities


A technology company specialized in resilient internet connectivity for critical communications was seeking a durable and versatile mobile transmitter capable of streaming high-quality video reliably from remote locations. Advantech’s solution was an efficient wireless transmission system that allows users to capture and broadcast high-quality visual content in real time.

Product Background

Broadcasters in large cities and studios have access to reliable high-speed internet and Wi-Fi for live streaming. However, when streaming from remote locations signal quality and availability become critical problems that can result in reduced bandwidth and unreliable connectivity.

As such, remote wireless video streaming via 4G/5G has become an attractive option for people who need to broadcast live from areas without a reliable internet connection. This essentially allows anyone to send real-time, high-quality visual content from virtually anywhere.

The customer in this case required a reliable DMS partner to provide a customized integrated solution that included wireless connectivity, a touch LCD, CPU board, I/O board, RF board, and a customized design. To ensure live image capture while driving, the device needed to support vehicle mounting and connection to rooftop antennas for stronger cellular network reception. For more mobile applications, it also needed to be compact enough to be mounted directly onto a camera or fit into a backpack while still allowing easy access to a touch screen so that the operator can control the system and monitor the video stream.

Big Challenges Developing Small Systems

Designing a device that could accommodate the many system components in a limited space was a big challenge. As a portable wireless video transmitter, this device had to be lightweight enough to carry around and capable of long periods of operation. The design also required high-quality mobile transmitters with integrated cellular modems.

Key features that Advantech implemented on this compact board were 6 x 4G/5G RF modules that could work simultaneously, as well as GPS and sensor interfaces. Software also had to be developed to monitor this hardware and manage the light sensors and GPS.

Advantech's Solution: low power consumption, high signal strength, and smart system controls

An integrated mechanical and electrical design was adopted to minimize both the size and weight of this solution. Consequently, the combined weight of this solutions’ battery, screen, panel, and motherboard is less than 1 kg (2.2 lb). This eases carrying and reduces fatigue.

As the solution was designed for outdoor image processing and transmission, it needed to be optimized for low power consumption. Advanced software technology was implemented to automatically adjust the settings and conserve battery life in low-power mode. This ensured that the system could be used for long periods at a time.

Integrated sensors were adapted via the custom SUSI API. For this, GPS, a light sensor, and multiple system sensors were included so that users could monitor system health and automatically adjust performance settings accordingly. For example, users can adjust the panel brightness based on ambient and system temperatures.

To ensure high-speed, real-time transmission, wireless network technology was implemented via a built-in multiple wireless network module that supports up to 6 x 5G connections so that outdoor live transmissions are sent in real time and without distortion. This enables viewers to observe live conditions.

Advantech's Areas of Expertise/Specialized Disciplines

Advantech was able to leverage its strong relationship with global partners and high capacity for customization to develop a device that met the customer’s predefined functions.

System Diagram