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AI in Manufacturing

AI AOI : Deploying AI Inspection in a Heat Sink Factory

Background information: AI visual inspection improves defect detection. It prevents high inspection miss rates on the production line caused by visual fatigue, weariness, and staff turnover. AI visual inspection can evaluate product flatness and identify problems that are otherwise difficult to categorize through general physical inspection — including crush damage, stains, and scratches.

AI Image Analysis System: Identifying Critical Production Bottlenecks

Background information: The Human Factor Information Datamation AI System uses cameras to record worker actions and then analyze images and video through AI inference. This system assists foundries in identifying bottlenecks and improving production efficiency.

Screen Data Extractor (SDE) Aimed at AI Smart Factory Transformation

Background information: "Machine networking" is the first step towards smart factory transformation. By leveraging AI OCR recognition this Screen Data Extractor (SDE) addresses data collection issues by integrating software and hardware. It also integrates machine data from different outputs and machines.


AI in Transportation

Building a Custom, Future-proof Edge-AI Computing Solution for Roadside Infrastructure

Background information: A powerful and robust AI video monitoring system enabled safer road transportation. It addressed traffic congestion by tracking objects and delivering accurate actuation and data collection. This solution needed to support the future changing needs of 5G and smart city applications.

Intelligent Transportation Roadside AI Edge Computing System

Background information: AI visual-based edge computing systems are crucial for roadway applications. They enable the identification and monitoring of vehicles, pedestrians, and traffic signs. They can also capture accidents from multiple cameras installed along the roadside.


AI Robotics

Industrial Servers Empower AI in Robotic Arms

Background information: Integrating AI within robotic arms delivers significant benefits. Three phases improve the success of robotic arm applications – programming, operating, and maintenance. Often, an array of several robotic arms pairs with one industrial server on part of a line. Equipping that server with AI processing can have a big impact on each of the three phases.

Industrial AI and Robotics Controller System in the Recycling Industry

Background information: A recycling center customer was seeking a high performance, industrial grade AI solution capable of functioning in harsh environments. The customer needed an automated solution that could help identify certain materials on the recycling line. To this end, they needed an industrial AI solution to take the place of their previous, less effective commercial hardware solutions.


AI in Autonomous Vehicles

High-Performance Platform Enables Autonomous Vehicle

Background information: Autonomous cars are capable of sensing the environment and navigating without human input. This renowned autonomous vehicle technology company, wanted to achieve next-generation mobility by developing a vehicle equipped with self-driving technology that redefines in-vehicle experiences.

Changing the Charging Landscape: 3D Vision-guided Robots

Background information: The 3D vision-guided robot provides users with an economical and flexible charging option that turns “cars looking for kiosks" into “kiosks reaching out to cars”. Any parking space can now be turned into a charging kiosk. After a car drives into an unmanned charging station, there is no need for the driver to get out of the vehicle.


AI in Safety and Security

AI Empowered Indoor and Outdoor Facility Safety

Background information: Modern construction sites utilize real-time visual detection systems that analyze 20 ~ 30 live streams simultaneously. In these systems, visual AI increases the visibility of on-site workers and equipment to improve responsiveness to potentially dangerous situations.

Making Travel Safe with A Smart Anonymization Surveillance System

Background information: An alternative technological solution entails a smart anonymization surveillance system that anonymizes real-time data and provides useful insights from the video data for airport management. The development and implementation of such solutions foster compliance with the health and safety regulations while decreasing costs and increasing the quality of service across airports around the world.


AI in Medical Imaging

Medical Grade Computing Facilitates Healthcare AI

Background information: Advantech USM-500 features an innovative design with multiple expansion options for easy configuration without corresponding drivers, components, or heat dissipation solutions. USM 500 is equipped with two video capture cards that support both 4K and full HD resolution. These cards support the capture of large video files and the execution of AI algorithms and analysis in real time.

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