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【New Product Announcement】LEO-D ePaper Solutions with Sub-1GHz Technology for Real-Time Content Management


Advantech Launches LEO-D ePaper Solutions with Sub-1GHz Technology for Real-Time Content Management

Taipei, Taiwan, December 2018 — Advantech, a leading mobile computing platform provider, is pleased to announce its LEO-D ePaper solution series - the next generation of environmentally friendly products aimed at hospital, factory, warehouse, and office applications. Designed to replace traditional paper, Advantech’s LEO-D31 (2.9’’) and LEO-D51 (5.65’’) ePaper displays are low-power information display systems that support three ink colors (black, white, and red) and feature an IP54 rating for protection from dust and water as well as a sunlight-readable screen with 180-degree viewing angle. The LEO-D series displays are also equipped with sub-1GHz technology, which facilitates synchronous updates, minimizes power consumption, enhances signal penetration for long-range transmissions, and supports roaming for positioning applications. The wireless design enables rapid installation (within 3 seconds) and the flexible display fastener ensures easy installation in diverse environments, making the LEO-D series ideal for IoT applications, such as factory cart displays, patient bedside displays, and conference room displays. Moreover, the LEO-D30 (2.9”) batteryless model, which differs from LEO-D31 and LEO-D51, supports instant content updates via a handheld NFC device or reader, allowing it to be easily deployed as a visitor badge, manufacturing card, or even logistics label. Overall, Advantech’s LEO-D ePaper display series provides comprehensive display solutions for a wide range of demanding industrial applications.

Sub-1GHz Technology Supports Long-Range Data Transmissions

Equipped with sub-1GHz technology via the embedded proprietary sub-1GHz ISM protocol (868 MHz or 915 MHz), the LEO-D31 (2.9”) and LEO-D51 (5.65”) ePaper displays support roaming and synchronous updates while providing excellent signal penetration for long-range data transmissions. Because the ability to update multiple ePaper devices simultaneously eliminates the need to print paper tags and conduct manual updates, LEO-D displays can effectively enhance operational efficiency and reduce labor costs. Regarding power consumption, the LEO-D51 battery supports 2 ~ 5 years operation under continuous loading and with 4 ~ 10 updates per day. Meanwhile, under continuous loading and with 4 ~ 10 updates per day, the LEO-D31 battery can support up to 5 ~ 13 years operation.

Flexible, Wireless Design Ensures Rapid Installation for Easy Deployment

To ensure rapid installation in diverse environments such as hospitals, warehouses, and factories, LEO-D31 and LEO-D51 feature a wireless design and flexible display fastener that supports various mount methods and can be rapidly detached for easy battery replacement. The LEO-D30 batteryless model can also be equipped with a display fastener for custom applications. Compact and lightweight (LEO-D30: 36 g, LEO-D31: 50 g, LEO-D51: 195 g), LEO-D displays are IP54 rated for protection from dust and water, making them ideal for a variety of IoT-related industrial usage scenarios.

Built-In Centralized Management Software Facilitates Remote Control

Advantech’s LEO-D ePaper solutions also include its Edge solution-ready package, LEO SENSE and LEO CMS. This software provides a user-friendly visual interface for conducting cloud-based content management and remote control, which allows customers to monitor the real-time status of all ePaper devices, including location, display content, signal intensity, and remaining battery capacity. Furthermore, the flexible content editor supports template customization to ensure usability for diverse industries.

Key Features

  • Sub-1GHz technology enables long-range data transmissions for rapid updates  
  • Ultra-low power consumption provides an overall lifetime of up to 13 years 
  • Wireless and compact design ensures rapid installation (within 3 seconds)  
  • Flexible display fastener with diverse mount methods (lock with screws, stick/paste) 
  • Rugged design with IP54 rated protection against water and dust ingress 
  • Sunlight-readable display with 180-degree viewing angle

All of Advantech’s LEO-D e-Paper series are available for order now. For more information regarding the LEO-D ePaper series or other Advantech products and services, please contact your local sales support team or visit our website at 

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