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Advantech Unveils New Single Board Computers (SBC) with Intel® Atom® x7000E Series, N-Series, and Core™ i3 N-Series Processors


TAIPEI, Taiwan, February 19, 2024 - Advantech, a global leader in AIoT and Edge Computing, is thrilled to introduce two new single-board computers (SBC) powered by the latest Intel® Atom® x7000E Series, N-Series, and Core™ i3 N-Series processors: the MIO-5154 (3.5-inch form factor) and the MIO-2364 (Pico-ITX). These new processors (codename: Alder Lake-N) offer significant enhancements over their predecessors with 1.4X improvement in single-thread performance, 1.2X in multi-thread performance, 2X in graphics, and a remarkable 3.5X boost in AI inference capabilities. This platform provides a wide range of configurations, from dual-core to octa-core, with TDP ranging from 6 to 15 watts, enabling flexible and scalable system design. 

Additionally, with their compact board sizes, rugged design concept, and fanless system cooling, the MIO-5154 and MIO-2364 are optimized solutions for upgrading embedded and industrial applications to future-proof Edge AI applications.

MIO-5154: Miniaturizing Edge Devices Without Compromise 

Thanks to the advanced technologies of today, we can now achieve a higher level of compute in a smaller chip size, with lower power consumption and more integrated I/O functions. MIO-5154, with its 3.5-inch form-factor (146 x 102 mm) is capable of meeting all application needs across various commercial form factors. It features dual Ethernet, six USB ports, six UART, and three independent displays via LVDS, HDMI 2.0, and DisplayPort interfaces. The three M.2 expansion sockets can simultaneously support Wi-Fi+BT, 5G/LTE, and SATA/NVMe storage, all in a compact 3.5-inch flat design. 

Incorporating AI vision at the edge, the internal USB 3.2 camera module simplifies system design without requiring I/O bracket modification. Moreover, the MIO-5154 adopts a new thermal solution that substantially enhances heat dissipation, resulting in more compact, cost-effective, and easier-to-integrate cooling solutions. With these features, the MIO-5154 is ideal for various applications including retail self-checkout and smart vending, medical applications like hemodialysis, ventilators and IVD, as well as factory automation including HMI, robotic arms, and AGV/AMR systems.

MIO-2364: Limitless Possibilities for Size-Restricted AIoT Applications 

Many AIoT devices need to be portable for easy installation and use. In these scenarios, the Pico-ITX form factor, the industrial standard for compact devices, is an ideal choice. The MIO-2364 goes above and beyond, offering more than just the essentials. It also features Ethernet, RS-232/422/485 ports, four USB ports, and two M.2 slots for WLAN, WWAN, storage, and extensive I/O modules. 

Security is paramount, and the MIO-2364 takes it seriously. A built-in TPM module and Advantech BIOS customization service work together to enable features like boot guard, secure flash, and secure boot, providing robust protection for IoT devices in the field. 

The MIO-2364 also supports PoE extension, allowing it to power external cameras and sensors through the same Ethernet port (PSE) used for data transmission. This eliminates the need for separate power cables in challenging installation scenarios. Additionally, the MIO-2364 can itself be powered through PoE (PD). This feature simplifies system integration and expands use cases for AIoT deployments. 

The MIO-2364 is well suited for various applications including medical automation, HMI, sensors and gateway deployment, AI boxes, and smart camera setups.

Advantech Future-Proof Solutions: Smart Choices with Lasting Durability

Advantech prioritizes the design of trusted and reliable products across all industries. The power tolerance on both the MIO-5154 and MIO-2364 has been enhanced to +/- 10% of the rated voltage, ensuring better sustained operation when a power source is unstable. These products are designed to comply with the EU energy efficiency ErP directive, minimizing power consumption in standby and power-off modes. Additionally, they incorporate the latest DDR5 technology, providing higher performance but also improved lifecycle and availability compared to DDR4, thereby reducing the need for further design changes and additional certifications. Advantech, in collaboration with Microsoft and Canonical, provides licenses for Windows and Ubuntu operating systems. This collaboration ensures that IoT and edge computing devices are shielded against cyberattacks from the moment they’re developed to the end of their lifespans. OS certifications are offered for various hardware and software combinations. In company with Advantech SUSI APIs, encompassing HWM, Smart fan control, I2C, SMBus, GPIO, and WDT for Windows, Linux, and other operating systems, customer software development efforts are minimized. This leads to applications that are portable and upgradable across Advantech products. 

To enhance user experiences, Advantech also offers comprehensive peripherals including memory, storage, connectivity modules, display kits, and monitors. Our software solutions and services cover BIOS, OS, applications, and remote management, expediting development cycles, procurement processes, logistics, and after-sales services.