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Intel® Arc 3 Graphics: Elevating Streaming Quality with AI-Enhanced Upscaling


Advantech has recently began adopting Intel Arc 3 graphics solutions into their portfolio. The A380 and A310 constitute this GPU series, harnessing the capabilities of the Intel® Xe HPG microarchitecture. This lineup provides a comprehensive array of hardware, software, and service solutions that deliver high-performance visuals and seamless streaming experiences.

Improved Performance and Superior Image Fidelity

Intel® Xe Super Sampling technology (XeSS) takes users to the next level with AI-enhanced upscaling, enabling more performance with high image fidelity. XeSS is optimized for Intel® Arc™ graphics products with the ability to take advantage of XMX AI hardware acceleration.    

Intel® Arc™ graphics uses the latest graphics technologies including DirectX* ray tracing, variable rate shading, mesh shading, and sampler feedback. Using true-to-life real-time calculations, ray tracing is the most physically accurate simulation of light rendering available today.

Optimal Price-Point Flexibility with Perfect Balance

Intel® Arc A380 / A310 features eight Xe cores / six Xe cores, 6GB / 4GB of GDDR6 memory, and a 96-bit / 64-bit memory respectively.

Intel® Arc A380 features full height, single fan and dual slot design and brings a new balance of performance and price point. Equipped with 1 x HDMI and 3 x DisplayPort ports A380 doesn't require any external power or cables to be connected, with 75W of motherboard power via the PCIe slot being enough.

Intel® Arc A310 series features a lower height card, single fan, single slot thermal solution, and 1 x HDMI and 2 x Mini DisplayPort ports. The single-slot design makes the card a bit thicker, and the cooler's short length means it fits into any case that supports 16-lane devices.

Feature Highlights:

  • XᵉSS Super Sampling empowers AI-enhanced upscaling as well as enabling more performance with high image fidelity.
  • Ray tracing enables exceptional realism across a wide range of visuals.
  • Built-in AV1 video encode capabilities support all leading media formats delivering premium streaming experiences.

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