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Vendor Zone

Advantech Certified Peripherals, Your Ultimate Sourcing Partner, is Advantech intelligent solution enabler. Leveraging the expertise of 30 professional procurement specialists around the world, we have a well-established global procurement network and logistics infrastructure that helps enhance the efficiency of your daily business operations. In addition, we have built an intelligent platform to allow you to update your product pricing information from anywhere, at anytime.

We've partnered with more than a hundred manufacturers and vendors around the world and received direct support from some of the biggest players in the industry including Intel, Seagate, Western Digital, and Transcend. We are committed to maintain long-term business relationships with you. We see ourselves as a bridge between you and your customer, helping you reach new territories, extend your customer base, and increase your revenue. In addition, as Advantech continues to explore the Internet of Things and cloud computing solutions, we take your products with us, helping you keep current with the latest trends in technology. We believe the synergy between you and Advantech Certified Peripherals will take things to a whole new level. It's a win-win situation for us both.

Benefits to you in becoming one of our vendors:
  1. Reaching geographic locations where you might not have the resources on your own
  2. Increasing revenue and expanding customer base
  3. Introducing your products, applications, and other solutions into the latest technology fields
  4. Saving time and cost in your daily operations