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Advantech ROM-2860 Wins the 2024 VDC Research Embeddy Hardware Award for IoT and Edge Computing

ROM-2860 OSM Size-L with Qualcomm QCS6490

Taipei, Taiwan, May 2024 — Advantech, a top provider of embedded solutions, has been awarded the 2024 Embeddy Hardware Award from VDC Research for its ROM-2860. This is a size-L Open Standard Module (OSM) powered by the Qualcomm QSC6490 system-on-chip. This global industry award recognizes the ROM-2820 as an innovative edge AI product for embedded developers and system engineers in the IoT and edge computing sectors.

At Embedded World 2024, Advantech announced its strategic collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. to jointly transform the edge computing landscape. Advantech plans to integrate Qualcomm Technologies’ leading solutions across its entire platform spectrum, including AI-on-Modules, AI Function Boards, and AI Edge Systems.

One of the first products stemming from this collaboration is the new ROM-2860, an ultra-compact 45 x 45 mm OSM, which is a robust solder-on module of the sort that are standard in the embedded market. The QCS6490 system-on-chip, featured in the ROM-2860, delivers 12 TOPS of AI capability with embedded machine vision supporting dual-camera input and a native video codec. Furthermore, it achieves nearly 20% better performance than mid-tier x86 processors, coupled with an impressive 43-75% reduction in power consumption. The ROM-2860 outperforms traditional computer-on-modules and caters to diverse edge AI applications in industrial automation, medical, robotics, and transportation applications.

“The launch of Advantech’s new ROM-2860 computing module is a significant milestone in the embedded industry. It marks Qualcomm’s full commitment to serving the embedded and edge computing market while also advancing the rapidly emerging Open Standard Module (OSM) specification, which is helping fill the need for more standardized Arm-based computing modules alongside SMARC and others. A huge congratulations to the Advantech team on its new offering for embedded and edge AI computing and its burgeoning collaborations with Qualcomm.” Dan Mandell, Director, VDC Research

The ROM-2860 enables users to leverage Qualcomm’s AI processing capabilities with minimal R&D effort, facilitated by the Advantech Edge AI SDK. This exceptional toolkit is designed to support leading AI platforms along with their inference SDKs. It seamlessly integrates the Qualcomm® Neural Network (QNN)/Snapdragon® Neural Processing Engine (SNPE) within its Benchmark Tool, allowing developers to dive straight into development for quick and insightful results. The verified Runtime SDK and integrated AI models from the Qualcomm AI Hub accelerate the initiation of AI application development projects.

The high-performance and ultra-compact ROM-2860 OSM is now available for sample purchase. For further information, please contact an Advantech sales office or authorized channel. Visit our solution page for more details on Advantech's Arm computing products and services.

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